The Horror Honeys: Hardcover Thursday Jam - 'Juliet'

Hardcover Thursday Jam - 'Juliet'

Your love is haunting me
And all I want is more to set me free
Whispering in the air
Hoping that my words find you somewhere
Do you hear me call your name
I know we will never be the same
The consequence is hanging there
The sky will fall but I don't care

Is Romeo & Juliet actually a horror story? Well... two teenagers are so in love with each other, that they violently kill themselves. There is poison, and self-stabbing, and gang riots (gentlemanly Shakespearean gangs, but gangs just the same). Romeo and Juliet's love is so all-consuming that it swallows them whole. Throw a little blood and guts in there and you have the makings a first rate horror/thriller. Hell, Troma even made a movie based the story, and you don't get more gooey than that. And, if the Romeo & Juliet horror movie needed a soundtrack, this song by Revenge Honey favorite Emilie Autumn would be perfect for a more romantic moment. ~RH