The Horror Honeys: Hannibal: Season 3, Episode 11 ~ And The Beast From The Sea

Hannibal: Season 3, Episode 11 ~ And The Beast From The Sea

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

Jack Crawford, fisher of men, watching my cork move against the current.

As a conversation plays out, almost verbatim, from the novel, we are reminded that Mr. Crawford has never had a problem with using people as bait in order to reel in the big fish. Or, in this case, the big dragon.  Not to be outdone by the novel, though, Fuller and his team have taken Hannibals heartbreak up a notch and The Great Red Dragon doesnt just make an appearance at Molly and Walters house, he even complies video footage of them and watches it as an amuse-bouche before the next full moon. Again, utilizing the memory palace allows for Francis and Hannibal to have a face to face conversation rather than just over the phone. Or, in the case of the novel, not just via personal ads in Freddie Lounds' newspaper.” I have to admit that a part of me missed the personal ads, especially seeing as how everyone on this show still lives in a world where they read the paper on a daily basis and even cut articles out of it. How quaint.

Are these your nocturnal animals?
Did they know theyre being filmed?

The sight of Francis watching Molly and Walter while Reba lounged on him felt a little bit dirty and then it just got worse from there. After successfully sending all of Wills dogs to the vet with food poisoning, Molly has to go and be a good wife and decide that Will doesnt need to worry about the dogs, so she chooses not to tell him about this unfortunate incident. What happens after this is one of the most suspenseful moments of television weve been treated to in a while.

The perfectly timed orchestration of Molly outsmarting The Red Dragon in her dark and silent house was gripping, beautiful, and the best slasher movie scene Ive seen all summer. The visual of Richard Armitage in his face mask and black leather cut through the moonlight like a knife. What a deliciously dangerous visual he is. I think my heart may have actually stopped when Molly was standing directly under him on the deck. Like all good final girls, Molly used her wits and kept a cool head and this allowed her to save her son and escape from the Big Bad. Seriously, this girl took care of business.

Im not fortunes fool. Im yours.

Breaking up sure is hard to do. Especially when your scorned lover is a brilliant psychopath and sics another serial killer on your family. After Will has to admit to his time spent in a mental hospital, Walter declares that, You shouldnt put this guy in a mental hospital. You should kill him,and that statement stings like a bitch for many reasons. Imagine if they had taken this solid advice from an 11-year-old when it came to Dr. Lecter? None of them would be where they are right now. 

But they are, and theyre all at the mercy of Hannibal. Hannibal the Cannibal, the serial killer who is still pouting over the loss of Will and decides to continue to punish all involved. After speaking to Francis on the phone long enough for the trace to go through, Hannibal warns him that they are not the only ones in on this phone conversation. Just like Garret Jacob Hobbs, Hannibal has given just enough warning to allow Francis to decide his future.

Alana Bloom is kind enough to provide us with the visual we have all been waiting three seasons for. In order to punish Hannibal, she will take away his dignity and to do that, she shall put him in a face bridle while all of his luxuries, even the toilet, are removed from his cell. And what a strangely beautiful, yet sterile looking, face bridle it is. Once again, Fuller has made his own mark on an iconic moment without underwhelming or eclipsing the original. What cant Bryan Fuller do? Well, with only two episodes left, we are about to find out if he can provide a truly satisfying ending to a brilliant television series. What do you think it's going to be, Fannibals?


  • I appreciated the nod to a letter of admiration written on toilet paper and in personal ads. Book readers, you know of what I speak.
  • Hot tip: Dont buy canned pet food from China. 
  • Its true. You cant be too careful with privacy settings on your social media.
  • I may have just added Molly to the list of ladies I want with me in the zombie apocalypse. 
  • The fight between Francis and the Red Dragon was cool, but Im still betting on Tyler Durden for the win.
  • Reba, dont be too upset about losing D. Hes not who you think he is.
  • During the live tweet of this episode, Mr. Fuller made two references to The Shining during Molly and Walters escape, but I think thats giving Wendy far too much credit. Everyone knows that Danny was the brains in that family.
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