The Horror Honeys: Fear the Walking Dead ~ Season 1 ~ PILOT

Fear the Walking Dead ~ Season 1 ~ PILOT

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

After months of speculation and anticipation, Fear The Walking Dead finally premiered and it opened just like Lost. No, you did not accidentally stumble onto my review of Wayward Pines. Apparently, this is how you open a show now so, lets just go straight to all of the similarities and get it out of the way. (The novel placed in the background, Winesburg, Ohio, is by Sherwood Anderson and is a short story collection that explores the life of a man from his childhood to his abandonment as a young man. Consisting of 22 stories, each story focuses on a specific characters past and their current struggle to deal with the loneliness that blankets the town. Im sure this holds absolutely no symbolism at all.) One can only assume that the young man at the center of our television screen, Nick, has a full name of Nicholas and, yes, that is a biblical name. Seeing as how Nick is played by Frank Dillane, of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince we will now get an idea of how Tom Riddle Jr. may have dealt with the zombie apocalypse. If the future Voldemort cant survive, then theres no hope for Rick and Daryl either.

As promised, this offshoot of The Walking Dead is taking place in L.A. at the same time that Mr. Grimes is in a coma over in Georgia and is centered around a modern family. Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and Travis Manama (Cliff Curtis) are high school teachers trying to blend their two families together. As if trying to blend two families of teenagers isnt hard enough, these two are about to contend with a mysterious viral outbreak that only the token weird kid at school is smart enough to be afraid of. 

As Nick and Travis sit next to old dude at the hospital who is, clearly, about to turn at any moment, Travis plays the cool step dad and actually listens to Nicks story. Apparently, outside of teaching high school and plumbing, Travis is also a part time bad ass because I dont know any other reason why someone would think it was a good idea to go investigate a junkie hangout at night. In the dark. Unarmed. It isnt until he falls into a giant pool of maggot infested blood that he runs his ass out of there. 

The addition of an addict to the story is an interesting choice because it adds an extra layer of complexity that is, sadly, a common thread in many families. Each family member of an addict deals with it in their own ways and it will be interesting to see how this affects our characters. Madison is playing the role of the parent who keeps making excuses for Nick while Alicia is playing the role of the sibling who has negative patience for the allowances that keep being made for Nicks addiction and Travis is the outsider who is just trying to act in a way that is respectful to all involved parties. Add to all of this the fact that Nick, a heroin junkie, is our current contact with the viral outbreak.  When an unreliable narrator tells stories of people eating other people, no one is inclined to believe it. 
Pull. Your. Pants. Up. 
Everything will be OK, though, because Jack London and the Chaos Theory are currently being taught in school for the viewers who are paying absolutely no attention at all to what is going on. Seriously, why are you even tuned into AMC if you need a lecture on man vs. nature and the inexplicable desire to survive at all costs? 

Outside of the not so subtle class lectures about survival, the overall feeling of FTWD is quite a bit different from TWD and in a really great way. This show looks brighter and glossier as if to remind us that the world hasnt completely gone down the toilet yet. A personal fan of watching the decline of people and the subsequent reaction of the survivors, I found this pilot episode to be a pretty darn good one. A lot has to be established in a pilot episode and they managed to do that and somewhat emotionally connect us to the main players. They even snuck in some pretty rad walker gore at the end. These brand new walkers are much harder to kill than the ones that are circling current day Alexandria. Hopefully, this means we will be treated to a lot more bloodshed in the upcoming episodes. A viral outbreak is a story that we have all seen a million and one times, but utilizing Dickens and Curtis as our leads immediately elevates the quality and this TV Baby has faith that the rest of the season will continue to get better.

  • $300 bucks for a plumbing service? I should have been a plumber.
  • Kids, this is why you should wear your pants around your waist. You might be that asshole that falls while running from a zombie just because you were being cool."
  • It was really distracting that Nick looked like any other hipster doofus after stealing the elderly gentlemans clothing. He should have looked silly, but, instead, he just looked like any normal kid these days. Yo hipsters: get your own fashion sense.
  • Shoutout to whomever made the news footage feel like an ode to the snuff films in Sinister.
I hope she's the "Rick" in this series.