The Horror Honeys: Blu-ray and DVD Releases for September 1, 2015!

Blu-ray and DVD Releases for September 1, 2015!

Another week, another plethora of horror home releases. Except this week, they're all kind... underwhelming. The Walking Dead Season 5 is probably the real highlight, with blu-ray upgrades of Angel Heart and Jacob's Ladder topping the list. It might be fun to see Student Bodies remastered, but I can't say I'm dying to own it. Otherwise... Meh?

Blu-ray & DVD Releases for 9/1/15
The Walking Dead: Season 5
Vampire Hunter D
Metamorphosis/Beyond Darkness: A Shout! Factory Double Feature
Student Bodies (1981)
The Runner ~ Read Revenge Honey's review here!
The Sender (1981)
The Blood Lands
Angel Heart (1987)
Jacob's Ladder (1990)
The Babysitter (1995)
Haunted (2015)
Sorrow (2014)
Nocturnal Activity (2015)

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