The Horror Honeys: Undead Thursday Jam ~ 'Powder Your Face with Sunshine'

Undead Thursday Jam ~ 'Powder Your Face with Sunshine'

Powder your face with sunshine
Put on a great big smile
Make up your eyes with laughter
Folks will be laughing with you in a little while
Whistle a tune of gladness
Gloom never was in style
The future's brighter
When hearts are lighter
Smile, smile, smile

Andrew Currie's Fido is one of the few zombie movies that I absolutely love. This Canadian horror comedy gem is set in an alternate 50s-esque universe where everything is just the bee's knees... And zombies have been domesticated and turned into household servants. Or in some cases... Undead sex dolls. Much like the world of The Walking Dead, everyone turns in to a zombie after death, regardless of whether or not you get bitten. As such, headless funerals are all the rage. Fido is about as delightfully twisted as a movie like this can get, and the 50s set design just adds to the creepy artificiality of it all. Personally, I am a sucker for a good 50s themed soundtrack, and Fido's is fantastic. One of the best classics featured in the film is Kay Starr's version of "Powder Your Face with Sunshine," a totally nonsensical but absolutely uplifting slice of nostalgia. So put on a great big smile and Honey Jam with us and your zombie buddies! ~RH