The Horror Honeys: Supernatural Sunday Jam - 'Haunted Cathouse'

Supernatural Sunday Jam - 'Haunted Cathouse'

The stripper mummy's death dance causes shiver and earthquakes
Out of the tomb comes sexy zombies, dead corpses awakes
The restless headless horseman is looking for his hat
A guano smelling witch is eating coffinnails with a bat
Upstairs the frenzy she-devils tempts with wild mad sin, you know
I recommend infernal torment demented bondage are go
Back in that old haunted cathouse
Where everybody used to go - All pleasures were for free
Back in that old haunted cathouse
If only I could turn back time, that's where I would be

Musical tastes are a funny little thing, aren't they? Sometimes you're in the mood for some classical, or blues, and some days you want some open hand slapped spooky bass lines from a psychobilly band like the Nekromantix. It's hard not to love a band that includes a coffin shaped upright bass and some of the greatest hairdo's on stage. Especially when they're singing about stuff that makes me smile while I'm dancing and doing the dishes. Making the undead sound like sexy romantic partners? That's what "Haunted Cathouse" is all about. Grab a cigar, your best ghoul and turn it up. ~HH