The Horror Honeys: SHARK WEEK REVIEW ~ 'Bait'... Cleanup on Aisle 7!

SHARK WEEK REVIEW ~ 'Bait'... Cleanup on Aisle 7!

A Revenge Honey Shark Week 2015 Review by Linnie

Bait (2012)

Like any self-respecting horror fan, Jaws is obviously my favorite shark-based horror film. But running a close second is Kimble Rendall's Australian B-horror movie, Bait. Bait isn't a particularly great movie, nor is its CGI revolutionary in any way, BUT IT'S ABOUT A DAMN SHARK IN A GROCERY STORE! If that doesn't get you excited, well... There isn't a lot I can do to help you. Except say, stop being so serious and watch Bait!

The Story: Bait continues the great tradition of films that prove EVERYTHING IN AUSTRALIA IS TRYING TO KILL YOU. Lovey engaged couple Tina (Sharni Vinson) and Josh (Xavier Samuel) are torn apart by the death of her brother at the jaws (ZING) of a killer shark, and Tina leaves for Singapore alone. A year later, her return to their coastal hometown in Queensland coincides with a massive tsunami, and Tina and Josh are trapped in a flooded grocery store along with a ragtag band of survivors. And also... 12-FOOT SHARKS!

What? It could happen.

I first saw Bait because it starred a pre (but technically post) You're Next Sharni Vinson and I'm a big fan. While she's not remotely as badass as Tina as she was Erin, she's still quite likable. Bait also features Julian McMahon, whose ass I thoroughly enjoyed on Nip/Tuck, and his role as a crook with a heart of gold is actually one of his better film performances in a while.

I also love Bait because it stars Alex Russell. You may recognize Russell from his role as epic hottie/bad boy villain Billy in the remake of Carrie, or maybe as the sweet, handsome, and heroic Matt in Chronicle. In Bait, Russell is freak/nerd/bully-magnet Ryan.

Only in Australia would THIS guy be the local nerd. Is it the water?
I think it's the water.
Realistically, Bait is probably elevated slightly above your average SyFy movie only because of the talent involved. The CGI sharks are laughable, but the practical affects are actually quite good. And when it comes to originality, you can't get much better than sharks in a grocery store. There are also several side plots to keep the story moving beyond the standard "hiding from the damn shark" fare.

Damn shark, swimming around in the store like he owns the join.
Bait isn't Jaws, it isn't subtle at all, and it's not going to change the face of animal-based horror films. But it's fun as hell, and gory to boot.

Well... you tried?
Also, the dog lives! THE DOG LIVES! How many horror movies can you say that about, I ask you?

Disturbing Trivia: A sequel to Bait, called Deep Water, was in production in 2014. The film focused on an airplane that crashes in the Pacific Ocean on a flight from China to Australia, presumably leaving the survivors to deal with an ocean full of hungry sharks. However, production was suspended indefinitely due to the eerie similarities between the film and the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Revenge Honey Shark Week Rating: 3 & 3/4 EVERYTHING IN AUSTRALIA IS TRYING TO KILL YOU's out of 5

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