The Horror Honeys: SDCC: The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer

SDCC: The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer

Ohhhh my GAHD, you guys. Season 6 of The Walking Dead is almost close enough to taste... and the new season trailer leaves us a LOT to chew on.

"I'm a killer, Rick. And you are too."

What's in the trailer? Holy shit, the apocalypse has gotten to Rick in a big way. This is NOT the man we once knew, and it's obvious that no one really knows who they're dealing with now. Does his new attitude spell an end to the DarRick bromance? It certainly seems on shaky ground as Daryl takes a stand against Rick's new plan of action. Morgan as a blast from Rick's past might be the key to a new voice of reason, ooooor totally not. Cast and producers confirmed that the Wolves would indeed be a threat and the show will explore an "us vs. them" look at Rick's group of survivors and the residents of the Alexandria Safe Zone ~ also really nice to see Honey Favorite Ethan Embry show up as a strong voice in the Alexandria community, but how long can he stand up to Rick? There is heavy emphasis on how Rick's group is one of survivors vs the sacrificial lambs of Alexandria. Also, WTF is Daryl doing out on his own without his bow? *nail biting*

"Do you have any idea who you're talking to?" 

From THR: Showrunner Scott Gimple also confirmed that he's currently working on a big flashback episode, while star Danai Gurira noted she'd like to see Michonne and Carol (Melissa McBride) work together despite approaching Alexandria with completely different tactics.  - I'll take two of those please.