The Horror Honeys: SDCC: Sinister Giveaway!

SDCC: Sinister Giveaway!

Will YOU be at SDCC? Keep an eye out for Bughuul while you're there!

SINISTER 2 will be taking over San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter with a slew of sinister projections from Thursday, July 9th until Saturday, July 11th between 8PM-1AM.  Share a photo of the projection that you spot and then post it to Instagram or Twitter with #SinisterSightings for a chance to win a trip to LA with a friend and receive VIP access to Six Flags Fright Fest. 

Want to know what you should be looking for? Here are the projections:

Find one of these exclusive collectors cards in Comic-Con or follow @SinisterMovie to get more information on the sweeps, and learn where you can find the next Sinister Sighting. See Official Rules

I'm kind of in love with the cards that are being released with this promotion... But once again, they're giving away things that just shouldn't be given away. Does it matter? No... not really.

If you haven't seen the trailer yet, be warned, once you watch it, you probably don't have to see the movie at all.