The Horror Honeys: SDCC: First Look at Hannibal's RED DRAGON!

SDCC: First Look at Hannibal's RED DRAGON!

Francis Dolarhyde, AKA the Tooth Fairy from Red Dragon, is coming, and this SDCC exclusive clip courtesy of Entertainment Weekly is giving us our first look. All we at the Horror Honeys can say is...


Via the Hannibal Twitter account, we know that after next week's showdown between Mason Verger and Hannibal, the last six episodes of the series will jump ahead several years. At this point, the story will likely follow along closely with the Red Dragon we all know, and this new clip seems to confirm that theory! Along with a caged Hannibal (SOB) we get more of Dolarhyde, a still alive Jack and Chilton, and an increasingly fierce Alana...

Check out the clip and some pictures below, then join us in a SQUEEE on Twitter!

(Clip and pictures courtesy of EW)