The Horror Honeys: SDCC: A&E's "Damien" Trailer

SDCC: A&E's "Damien" Trailer

"The past is like a noose..." 

We've been on the warpath about this unnecessary TV retelling of The Omen since it first popped up last year. Jumping from the Lifetime network to A&E - which honestly makes even LESS sense, unless I'm just attached to the idea that A&E does documentaries and biopics. *shrug*

Damien tells the story of a brooding blond (WTF) Antichrist as he begins to realize the enormity of his heritage. Which, if you've even pretended to watch the films, isn't a thing. He knows he's the Antichrist from the beginning, so this whole concept is stupid. ANYWAY - there's a trailer for the show now. And you can see it below!

What's in the trailer: A lot of clips from the original film just to remind those of us who love the movie that it's connected, but only to the first one.... Bright spots in the trailer include Barbara Hershey (amazing) and TWD's Scott Wilson (hooray!), plus, all the old footage that's been dusted off for new audiences. Damien himself doesn't do a lot except make a pained face that makes it look like he has to go to the bathroom...  Oh, and we get to see his 666 birthmark which looks more like an artful, if itchy, scalp issue than anything.

Damien doesn't debut until 2016, but their presence at SDCC is a positive one. May favorite part is their attempt at some interesting "notice me" marketing - sneak some film promotion into a crowd of Christian protesters? BRILLIANT sez I.

Who the fuck protests a ComicCon? Honestly.