The Horror Honeys: SDCC: Ash vs Evil Dead Trailer

SDCC: Ash vs Evil Dead Trailer

You've all been waiting (semi) patiently for this news - or, if you listen to Bruce Campbell tell it:

Classy as fuck.

Sorry, did I say class? Here's a better example.
SO, in response to all that whining, you now get a show on a channel that no one actually gets with their cable package, so subscribe to that shit so you can watch Ash vs Evil Dead and then ignore it every other day of the week and forget that it's there until Season 2 starts - unless you already watch Outlander, and then I have no advice for you.

Loving that stunned look on Pablo's face.

What's in the trailer? Okay. We've got some "new to you" vintage footage featuring some deadites who have seen much better days to remind us all of what happened thirty years ago (hooray for reboots, amirite?) and the man himself, although now with a fake set of teeth, a hot girdle to maintain his manly figure and just as much bravado as we're used to. I'm pretty sure that the character of Ash is *actually* who Bruce Campbell is now, and while it's undeniably endearing, it might wear a little thin after a full season... or however long Starz decides to keep it going.

We're introduced to the now decrepit Ash (who definitely needs to work on his cardio and his life goals), and his sidekicks. There's no mystery that the Deadites come out to play in the series premiere, and all of that talk about "buckets of blood" wasn't just bullshit after all. It's everywhere!

Bring out your torches, I barely cracked a sardonic smile, but I did get some life from seeing Brucie wedge himself into that leather corset. Heh.

Ash Vs The Evil Dead premieres on Starz on Halloween night.
Groovy? Groovy. 

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