The Horror Honeys: #SDCC ~ Are you caught up on FEAR THE WALKING DEAD?

#SDCC ~ Are you caught up on FEAR THE WALKING DEAD?

AMC's attempt to cash in on response to the love of The Walking Dead takes form in a prequel companion series Fear The Walking Dead (I still fucking hate this title). 

The clips themselves give us a glimpse at what's in store for us in the new pre-zombie world. What we know so far: There's an outbreak of a virus, which we can probably assume is deadly, or a mutated form of a virus long thought eradicated (thanks, antivaxxers) - so make sure to take get your flu shot in the middle of summer. There are missing person's posters (which is probably not a new thing in LA) and a firm insistence that "the authorities would tell us if something was wrong." LOL at your naïveté, it's just precious. Aside from the really stupid dialogue featured, the world of Fear The Walking Dead appears to be poised on the edge of a knife, the immediacy of the tension that is present in the clips is hopefully something that will continue throughout the show. These people haven't lost hope yet, and they have no idea what's about to hit them. Bonus points for one of the clips essentially being a PSA for wearing a belt and pulling up your damn pants.

During their time at SDCC, AMC dropped the trailer for Fear the Walking Dead and you can see it below!

What's in the trailer? Thankfully, a lot more riot, death and blood than I know *I* was expecting. Do I still anticipate that the zombies and general "things fall apart fast" goodness shows in the trailer will be several episodes away from the series premiere? Yeah... I'm guessing so.

 I also LOVE this poster reveal. It's juuust creepy enough.... but also (unfortunately) makes me think of Sharknado. Or a very drunk Jesus from that poem... 


Will YOU be tuning in? 
Fear The Walking Dead hits AMC in August.