The Horror Honeys: Sci-Friday Jam ~ 'Waking Up with Robocop'

Sci-Friday Jam ~ 'Waking Up with Robocop'

I remember when you said to me, you said 
"I'm a woman, and a woman is obviously different from a man."
Do you remember when you'd talk to me? You'd say things like, 
"I like to be treated as a lady, not as a buddy."
I remember when you criticized me about picking The Face over Mr. T 
But, I remember when you took off all of your clothes
And if waking up beside me
Feels so bleeding bad
Then waking up with Robocop is a lesson to be had

Irish alt-rock band Fight Like Apes is my new obsession. With a badass female lead singer, absolutely insane lyrics, and videos that are like mini-acid trips/movies, Fight Like Apes should also be YOUR new obsession. While you will probably see them here a lot in the future, the first song we bring you is a Sci-Friday Jam: their relationship-warning song, "Waking Up with Robocop." Interpret it as you will, but regardless of whether you wake up with the real Robocop or a metaphorical one, I think we can all agree... there is definitely a lesson there, Honey Bees. ~RH