The Horror Honeys: Sci-Fi Jam ~ 'It's Not'

Sci-Fi Jam ~ 'It's Not'

So baby kiss me like a drug, like a respirator
And let me fall into the dream of the astronaut
Where I get lost in space that goes on forever
And you make all the rest just an afterthought
And I believe it's you who could make it better
though it's not
No, it's not

There is nothing quite so inspiring as a metaphorical space song, and songbird Aimee Mann is kind of the queen of the spacey metaphors. From her album, Lost in Space, "It's Not" is pretty high up there with her songs "Wise Up" and "Save Me" for eliciting some intense emotions from this Horror Honey. So turn down the lights, stare up at the stars, and get lost in space with tonight's Honey Jam. ~RH