The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'The Passenger'

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'The Passenger'

Being a book worm has never been more dangerous! Chris Jones' award-winning The Passenger is further evidence as to why I am not a big fan of the bus. You never know who you may be sitting next to!

When our literal Book Worm-lead boards the bus one dark and stormy night, he doesn't expect that what's waiting for him may be worse than the weather outside. Full of creepy atmosphere, frightening monsters, and a lovable lead, The Passenger is just about everything you could want from a Horror Cartoon!

Check out The Passenger below, and follow the links to peek at Jones' other work (including an AMAZING CGI project in which Jones seems to conquer the persistent problem of the uncanny valley!).

Have a spooky Saturday, kids!

Chris Jones