The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'The Face Shop'

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'The Face Shop'

"Don't worry, Neil. We'll find your real face someday. But for now? Let's drink until our heads come off!" 

The Face Shop by Noëlla B. David is easily the BEST Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon we've brought you in some time. A seamless combination of traditional animation and stop motion, The Face Shop and its star, Faceless Neil, have wiggled their way into my heart like a rogue tongue escaped from the wall of faces!

Created by Noëlla B. David, Faceless Neil is just about the most adorably lovable lead in a horror cartoon I've ever seen, right up there with Jack Skellington and Norman Babcock. Young Neil is brought to The Face Shop by his creepy friend in search of features as placeholders for his missing face. No matter how they try, nothing seems to quite fit, but it is absolutely a delight watching them try.

If Faceless Neil isn't immediately your new favorite thing, we don't want to talk to you again until next Saturday.

Have a spooky Saturday, kids!

We feel you, Noëlla.
Noëlla B. David/Faceless Neil