The Horror Honeys: Revenge Wednesday Jam ~ 'Natalie Raps'

Revenge Wednesday Jam ~ 'Natalie Raps'

All the kids lookin' up to me can suck my dick
It's Portman motherfucker, drink till I'm sick
Slit your throat and poor nitrous down the hole
Watch you laugh and cry while I laugh you die
And all the dudes you know I'm talkin' to you
"We love you Natalie!" 
I wanna fuck you too!
P is for Portman, P is for pussy
I'll kill your fuckin' dog for fun, so don't push me

"I never said I was a role model." Of all of the videos The Lonely Island did with SNL, "Natalie Raps," with Natalie Portman, will always be my favorite. Most people that watched it probably just thought it was a silly skit video of the obviously sweet, Harvard-educated, Oscar-winning Portman behaving out of character. But "Natalie Raps" is, in reality, one of the most subversive moments in Saturday Night Live's 40-year history. What Portman did, along with Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone, was take the traditional view of womanhood and turn it completely on its head. Society is programed to expect hardcore rap about sex and drugs from men, but the same words coming from Natalie Portman seem foreign and unexpected, thus: funny. But realistically, Natalie and Andy used the opportunity to intersperse scenes focused on the absurdly inane questions asked of female actresses ("If you could steal a smooch from any guy in Hollywood...") and prove that even the gentlest of feminine faces can be harboring a dark side. So once again, we see "the fairer sex" is anything but, courtesy of The Lonely Island and Natalie Portman.

No more questions. ~RH