The Horror Honeys: Revenge Honey's Favorite Horror Shorts, Vol. 2!

Revenge Honey's Favorite Horror Shorts, Vol. 2!

A Revenge Honey Top 5 from Linnie!

Last week, I listed five of my favorite horror shorts of all time, and since everyone seemed to enjoy it, I'm going to make it a recurring thing! This weeks, I've compiled five more interesting, original, or well-made short horror films that I think rival standard, full-length horror films.

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Skypemare from John Fitzpatrick
While I initially rolled my eyes through the beginning of Skypemare, a nice little twist at the end serves as a reminder why everyone needs to grow the fuck up. Consistently entertaining and excellently shot, Skypemare is a big budget horror film presented exactly as they should be... short and sweet.

Charlie from Luke Mordue
Made in one night for £10, Charlie is an example of the brilliant creepiness that can be achieved with misdirection and practical effects. Don't get it confused with that The Gallows nonsense... this Charlie is actually scary.

Birthday Boys from Rafael De Leon Jr.
This horror short/pseudo-drama definitely caught me off guard with one of its angles. While I personally found the acting a little "meh," the effects are gloriously disgusting and the ending was just dark enough to make it deeply memorable. 

Blink from Tolu Ajayi
While I'm bummed that the picture quality on this short is so bad, this short from Nigeria is still one of the creepiest I've seen in a long time. The story might feel familiar, but its so well-executed that I didn't even mind. 

The Door from Cal O'Connell
This week's number one pick for best horror short is Cal O'Connell's The Door, a sci-fi film that manages to be incredibly unsettling without ever over-playing its hand. Filmed entirely in one room with limited effects, this is another short that I wouldn't have mind seeing more of!

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