The Horror Honeys: Revenge Honey's Favorite Horror Shorts!

Revenge Honey's Favorite Horror Shorts!

A Revenge Honey Top Five from Linnie

As a long time viewer of horror films, the only thing I love more that a good horror movie is an amazing horror short movie. For my money, horror shorts are the height of the art form when they are done right; they manage to be scary, beautiful, and smart in a fifth of the time as big-budget movies, while generally featuring stories that are entirely original. While full-length horror films are bound by budgets and studios, short films tend to operate outside the system, and the results are more creative than anything you can see in a theater. That's why when I find a horror short I love, I always write it down, so I can share it with everyone!

I thought this week, it might be fun to start a feature where I share some of my favorite short films with you discerning horror fans! You can watch them all below, and if you adore one, be sure to let the creator know on Twitter by clicking their name and sending them some love!

Run from Mat Johns
Run is one of those shorts, that even as you kind of suspect what is coming, you still are totally on edge the entire time. I saw it for the first time almost two years ago and I've never forgotten it to this day.

Reset from Marcus Kryler and Fredrik Åkerström
I first had the pleasure of seeing Reset at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival in Los Angeles, and have been telling everyone I know about it since. It is easily my favorite short film of all time, because it looks amazing, and is so lush with story, it feels like a full-length piece of cinema. 

Girl at the Door from Colin Campbell
Girl at the Door was just introduced to me by Sci-Fi Honey Katie, and I already count it among my favorites. Revenge films are difficult to get right in a short amount of time, but Campbell kills it (pun intended) with this supernatural revenge short. Girl at the Door will keep you engaged until the very end.

Dawn by Rose McGowan
I've reviewed Dawn in full before (here), but there is no way I can leave it out of a list of my favorite shorts. As a director, McGowan is stellar, and this short is more beautiful than half of the full-length films I've seen this year. 

Certified by Luke Asa Guidici
Sometimes, you just need something cute, and Luke Asa Guidici's Certified is frigging adorable. If I'm picky about revenge films, I'm even harder on horror comedy, but this short hits every note perfectly. Not to mention, it looks beautiful. If you learn anything from Certified, it should be to never trust a cute little girl in pigtails. Spoken by a former guilty party.

Dog Food by Brian Crano
This is another short I've already heaped praise upon in review form here, but just in case you missed it, or want to watch this fabulously twisted short again, here it is to enjoy!