The Horror Honeys: MOWOW: A Honeymoon to Die For!

MOWOW: A Honeymoon to Die For!

Your Movie of the Week of the Week with Revenge Honey Linnie!

Honeymoon with a Stranger (1969)

So rather than hide my love of all things campy, dramatic, and ridiculous, I've decided to just lean in to it. Starting this week, I will be bringing you a new feature on Horror TV Tuesdays, and that is my Movie of the Week of the Week! Each film featured will have connections to the horror world, and when it comes down to it, a whole heap load of fun for everyone involved. So hop on your Vespa and join me for our very first MOWOW, John Peyser's ABC MOW, Honeymoon with a Stranger!

The Story: Sandra (Janet Leigh) is honeymooning in Italy with her very wealthy new husband Ernesto, whom she has known for precisely three weeks. On their first night in his estate, Ernesto goes missing, and Sandra informs the police. Then Ernesto comes back, but Sandra swears it is not the same Ernesto she married. Everyone ELSE believes Ernesto Two (Cesare Danova) is the right Ernesto, including his sister Carla (Barbara Steele). So who is telling the truth? And will Sandra's shiny plastic outfits survive the Italian climate?

Honeymoon with a Stranger is pretty much your standard MOW fare, except for the fact it stars Janet Leigh and Barbara Steele, making it anything but standard. With Leigh in the lead role, you are just distracted enough from the semi-ludicrous plot, ensuring that you might actually be caught off guard by the film's final act. (I know I was... *gasp*) Barbara Steele is equally enjoyable in her supporting role, as chilly and beautiful as she was in any giallo. Steele's ability to so control her every reaction suits this particular part well, and as usual, she's a joy to watch.

I wish my Bitchy Resting Face was that developed.
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Murder, revenge, double-crosses, double-double-crosses, torrid affairs, secret identities; Honeymoon with a Stranger has everything you could possibly ask for in a horror-themed MOW, so check it out now!

Revenge Honey Rating: 4 Cases of Mistaken Identity out of 5

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