The Horror Honeys: Kickstarter Spotlight: Savage Sistas!

Kickstarter Spotlight: Savage Sistas!

"Four black leading ladies, psychotic rednecks... Savage Sistas."

You've seen it all before - helpless women, stalked and terrorized by maniacs with sharp implements. "Redneck/cannibal" horror is a sub genre that is laced with sexualized violence with a focus on humiliation and the terror associated with that violence. But when you think of these films (and there are tons... all exactly alike) the victims are white. Savage Sistas is turning horror on its head and giving it a right royal boot in the ass. Promising strong leading ladies - strong leading BLACK ladies - and the kind of characters you not only root for, but stand up and cheer for.

The horror genre needs films like this. 
If you like a good old-fashioned horror film packed with crazed serial killers, edge-of-your-seat suspense and bloody retribution, look no further than SAVAGE SISTAS.
When a group of girl friends from LA hit the road to Vegas for a weekend of fun they find themselves stranded on a desert highway and stalked by a family of psychotic killers. You don’t have to be a fan of horror to guess where this is going… but there’s a good chance you’d be wrong.

SAVAGE SISTAS takes the roadside horror genre into new territory by featuring 4 amazing Black women in the leading roles. 
Writer/director Dan Smith is dead serious about SAVAGE SISTAS, and insists that it’s not a joke or some type of Blaxploitation parody. “It’s the kind of horror film I’ve always wanted to see, with strong characters who actually make the right decisions and take the right actions… These women aren’t disposable cliches… they’re freaking awesome!”

Let me stress again, Savage Sistas is not a parody, or a joke... it's a horror film about four women facing death and terror at the hands of maniacs wielding sharp implements, and what they have to do to survive. We have never seen a movie like this before - and I personally hope that it starts an avalanche.

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