The Horror Honeys: Horror Erotica: You Know What They Say About Bigfoots...

Horror Erotica: You Know What They Say About Bigfoots...

A Monster Honey Erotic Book Review by Jennica

Deep Woods ~ Chloe Wren 

Just as a disclaimer, I have read very little erotic fact or fiction in my lifetime and most of what I have read has left me in utter disappointment with the continuous backwards expectations regarding women between the sheets. We as women are not delicate flowers waiting to be picked and held captive in a pretty vase until we wither away and die. Don't be fooled by our innocent gazes because we have just as much need, aggression, and animalistic impulses as our male counterparts. And that is exactly what I personally feel is missing from the vast majority of erotica.

Speaking of animalistic impulses, the last decade has seen a new form of erotica-- monster erotica-- rise in popularity, and of course, as your Monster Honey, I know these things. Also known as monster porn or cryptozoological erotica, monster erotica  is self-explanatory as it is a subgenre of adult fiction involving the intercourse between a human and non-human (no, not like animals... like monsters).

I wouldn't make this stuff up.
A number of titles have been released mostly through Amazon, but it seems that the most prominent sub-subgenre as of late is Bigfoot erotica, which took off with the recent article on, "Cum For Bigfoot: The Rise, Fall, and Future of Monster Erotica." One might assume that stories of Bigfoot-- and his other big part-- would just beat the same dead horse with male dominance. However, after taking a shot in the dark and reading Chloe Wren's Deep Woods: Bigfoot Erotica, it seems that women might be halfway home, at least in the realm of man vs. beast.

The Plot: Trying to survive in a man's world is not easy, especially when you grow up helping your father run his fish and game business with two very abusive, misogynistic brothers. Dana works hard to gain notoriety in the competitive and not-too-female-friendly industry, but her brothers never miss an opportunity to remind her of her place behind the counter. While Dana's father has told her and her brothers endless stories of his encounter with Bigfoot and her mother's mysterious disappearance, only Dana has believed him. When her father is found murdered in the woods, Dana sets out to track down Bigfoot and acquire the evidence that her father could not. But much to her surprise, Dana gets more than she... uh... came... for.

From a feminist perspective, author Chloe Wren has a true talent for teasing with ideas of female empowerment throughout her hairy story. The character of Dana is designed to be the very epitome of the turmoil that many women endure on a daily basis simply because they are women and are continued to be treated as the weaker link despite groundbreaking advancements. Dana is regularly knocked down, put down, and shut down by her male counterparts in order to keep her on her knees. And even when she finds the seemingly kind, gentle giant in the woods, "she belonged to him." Because Dana is set up as such an identifiable female leader, I sincerely doubt that I was alone in rooting for her. I was ready for her to grab society by the balls and fuck it. 

I mean literally.
And on that note, it's no surprise that that is exactly what Dana does, at least for the most part. Dana single-handedly conquers her narrow-minded brothers and the unkempt beast that tried to tame her. She uses her body as a deadly weapon to exploit the mysterious monster in the woods and unmask the two familiar monsters with whom she has shared her home. Through sexual discovery, she gains dominance and power, and she knows just what to do with it.

Although, at first glance, this story of a woman and her unshaven lover seems like a score for feminists, all is not fair in love and war and we are ultimately cheated as usual. Dana is painted as a driven survivalist among her ignorant brothers and barbaric beast, but Chloe Wren still bores us with another sexually inexperienced princess in the bedroom... or rather in the cave. I don't know exactly the reason it's so important that adult books typically contain a pure female lead. I could blame Fifty Shades of Grey or cultural tradition, but the point is that it needs to stop because the virgin archetype is closely related to slut-shaming. Because apparently, we still live in the 1950s and it's indecent for a woman to have even seen a man's pocket rocket before meeting her one true love... even if that woman is 24 years old (I'm looking at you, Dana!).

Girl, please.
Setting aside my powerful feels regarding gender expectations, as erotic fiction, monster porn honestly intrigues me, not because I get my kicks from mutants but because I have always been fascinated by unusual kinks. If people are capable of getting aroused by latex suits and furries, why not monsters? And if you overlook some minor plot holes (seriously, how did Bigfoot get a mattress in a cave?), Deep Woods is really no different than most adult books but the dude has a beard in multiple places and Chloe Wren really emphasizes his massive mound of man meat as if we're supposed to be surprised that Bigfoot has a big one. You know what they say about Bigfoots... or rather big feet.

You see what I did there!?!

Jennica's Rating: 3 Heavy Sighs out of 5

If you're a horror fan in search of a different kind of thrill, Chloe Wren's Deep Woods: Bigfoot Erotica is available to download on Amazon (No, seriously, you can find it HERE.)

Have you dared to dabble in some monster erotica reading?