The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Sinister 2 "Spread the Fear"

Honey Buzz ~ Sinister 2 "Spread the Fear"

If there's one thing I can always say for Blumhouse studios, is that regardless of how I feel about the films they release, I completely respect their marketing hustle and business savvy.

Sinister 2 it hitting theatres a little earlier than originally advertised, and after their marketing campaign at SDCC, they've stepped it up again with something they're calling #SpreadTheFear, which is a campaign aimed at those crazy teenagers once again.

On you can upload a ten second video and add a patented Sinister jumpscare... I obviously uploaded a video of my cat.

There are two jump scare endings to choose from, and you can share the video on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube and "scare the shit out of your friends" - I personally don't think that my friends will be scared shitless, but you never know.

I can acknowledge that the aging horror fan community is looking at recent marketing attempts and a deluge of films aimed at younger and younger horror fans with mix of dread and exhaustion. But when we were sixteen, the only things being marketed to us were toys and clothes... and maybe Backstreet Boys. We had no money, we had no internet, and in the wake of their 80s guilt, our parents controlled our purchasing power. That's not the case anymore. Younger and younger teens are exhibiting more and more power because of social media. They finally have a voice, and people (for better or worse) are listening.

Blumhouse Productions and Gramercy Pictures' Sinister 2 
will jump scare the pants off you on August 21st

Will YOU be "Hanging Around" with Mr. Boogie?