The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Sinister 2 Redband Trailer

Honey Buzz ~ Sinister 2 Redband Trailer

Be careful. Children at play.

On rare occasions, a sequel comes along that is worthy of its source material, within the horror genre it continues or changes the story and either increases the suspense or tries to outdo the original impact. Sinister 2 is trying really really hard to capture some of the intense magic that the original created, but with the release of more and more trailers, stills and clips, the interest that was piqued a few months ago with the release of the first teaser has been trampled into the mud.

If you've seen the first film as many times as I have, watching the trailer for the second instalment I can't help but feel like the production is shooting itself in the goddamn foot. Taking everything that worked so well from the original and injecting it with steroids for the trailer isn't going to win Sinister 2 much support... at least, not from this side of the table. 

What's the in the trailer? Everything! I'm getting so goddamn tired of being able to tell whether or not I'm going to like a movie by the trailer. If nothing but the teaser had been released, I'd be strapped in and ready... but now? I might watch it on Netflix if I'm drunk one night. This Red Band trailer crams every scary moment into its 2.5 minute trailer - all of the films, their shocking (literally) deaths, the appearance of Bughuul (which yes, we knew he would be there, but seriously?) and the entire lead up from the cops (Deputy What's His Name reappears looking just as earnest as he did in the first film) explaining their theory about how the entity takes a hold of the children: "There are always three things in common: A murdered family, the house, and some form of offering." Did I mention jump scares yet? They're everywhere.

The ONLY thing I like about the trailer? The sound design. The phenomenally terrifying score of the first film is also condensed into this trailer and while I wish the imagery was more effective, the sound work is spectacular. So, there's that going for it.

Sinister 2 hits theatres August 21st. 
I'll probably have forgotten by then, unless they release some more clips, maybe a featurette, some more posters, maybe some collector's cards...