The Horror Honeys: Godsend: This kid is just plain cuckoo

Godsend: This kid is just plain cuckoo

A Supernatural Honey Retro Review by Suzanne
The Godsend (1980)

My bank account has been seriously dwindling lately as Scream Factory continues to release their double feature discs of “classic” horror films. While the majority of these films are only truly loved by a crazy person, such as myself, their latest offering contains a creepy British gem your Supernatural Honey had never seen before. The British do everything better.

The Godsend is based on the novel by Bernard Taylor, now on my list of books to seek out, and is not in any way affiliated with the 2004 pile of garbage, Godsend, Starring Robert DeNiro. Totally different stories so please don’t ask if I enjoyed the remake. K? Thanks.

Alan and Kate Marlowe (Malcolm Stoddard and Cyd Hayman) already have a brood of 4 children, but when a mysterious pregnant woman appears, they take her in with virtually no questions asked. She gives birth and vanishes as quickly as she appeared, leaving a baby girl behind. The Marlowes adopt the girl, whom they’ve named Bonnie, and quickly accept her as one of their own. Within months, they’re youngest natural child, only slightly older than Bonnie, dies in his crib. There’s nothing suspicious about crib death, right? A couple of years later, another child dies in a tragic, but preventable, accident. The only witness to the untimely death is none other than cute, tow-head toddler, Bonnie. It isn’t until the third child suffers the same fate as two of his siblings that Alan begins to think there isn’t something right with Bonnie.

So who or what is Bonnie?

Well, that’s a bit hard to say. The ambiguity as to whether or not Bonnie’s destructive nature is supernatural or she’s just a plain old psychopath is perplexing. One of the characters in the film compares the stranger’s behavior to that of a Cuckoo bird. The Cuckoo lays an egg in the nest of another species of bird. When the egg hatches, the chick kills off the other babies as an act of survival. The parents are never aware of the deception.

The way Bonnie’s activities are handled reminded me a lot of another evil child movie I adore, The Other (1972). They have a similar atmosphere with very little gore, leaving a lot of the details to the imagination, but unlike the twist at the end of The Other, The Godsend leaves you with a bit of a cliffhanger.

If you’re unfamiliar with Angela Pleasence, she is the daughter of genre favorite, Donald Pleasence. Angela plays the pregnant stranger. She doesn’t speak much and doesn’t need to. So completely unsettling just in her facial expressions and mannerisms, Angela conveys danger, but in a very innocent way.

The Godsend is not an in-your-face horror film, filled with over the top special effects or action. This is a thinker and it won’t be for everyone. However, if you enjoy a lush, dreamy, slow-paced British thriller, I think you’ll enjoy it. Many thanks go out to our Revenge Honey Linnie, for bringing it to my attention. She gets me.

Supernatural Honey verdict: 3.5 dead ginger kids out of 5

So much no.
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