The Horror Honeys: Freddy vs. Jason: All The Jason Voorhees I Can Handle

Freddy vs. Jason: All The Jason Voorhees I Can Handle

A Slasher Honey Mashup Review by Chassity

Freddy vs Jason (2003)

Okay. As I admitted last week, I am no fan of Jason Voorhees, or more to the point, I’m no fan of Friday the 13th. While I can respect this franchise and its place in both horror history and as an iconic slasher series, none of these movies have ever appealed to me. In fact, I absolutely loathe at least the first four. I find them to be boring, a chore to watch (which I force myself to do every time a Friday the 13th hits), and completely interchangeable. 

So, when I say I love me some Freddy vs. Jason, that means something. It's pretty much the limit on the amount of Friday the 13th universe that I can stomach. 

You know the story. Freddy killed some kids, and the parents did everything they could to make sure he was forgotten so that he couldn’t haunt any more kids’ dreams. Freddy wants to come home, but can’t go back to his murderous, haunting nightmare spree until people start to remember his name. So what does he do? He dredges up horror’s most iconic Mama’s Boy to do go to Elm Street and do his dirty work for him, knowing full well that once murders start to occur the parents will suspect him, not Jason, and people will start to remember him, allowing him to be able to go home and regain his notoriety and the Springwood Slasher.

The problem? Once he gets Jason started, he can’t stop him, and there are minimal victims left for poor Freddy. This inevitably leads to a war between the two; a fight to the death and only one man can be left standing, right? Yeah, right. 

Freddy vs Jason is everything I love about slasher movies. It’s funny, it’s cheesy, and yet it takes itself as seriously as it should and has some really great moments. It makes good use of the mythology of both franchises, with a heavier emphasis on Nightmare as the majority of the film takes place on Freddy’s territory. And for all of its being a typical teen slasher, it's smarter than you would expect it to be. 

Here are the things I love about Freddy vs. Jason 

-The opening monologue introduction from Freddy. It’s one of those great slasher movie moments, kind of an Easter egg for Nightmare fans, totally creepy, and it immediately hooks you into the movie. 

-The fact that we’re given a legitimate reason for how Freddy and Jason come together, and why he’s brought to Elm Street. It makes perfect sense for both worlds because Freddy is pure evil and Jason is his best bet because of all the slasher icons, his backstory encompasses the strongest hatred of teenagers. 

-The teenagers die, as far as I’m concerned, in order of most annoying/least likable to least annoying/most likable. And, if a film is trying to follow tropes, that’s exactly how a good slasher movie should play out. 

First, you die... then you, then you. Brilliant! 
-Jason is kind of a badass for half the movie. But Freddy wipes the floor with Jason for the second half of the film, when it really counts. He made Jason his bitch. 

-The imagery of Jason just walking around murdering teenagers at the rave while he is on fire is just perfection. 

-One of the teenagers is a doppelganger of the less annoying half of Jay and Silent Bob, and watching them die is always a good time. 

-This might be a little sappy, but somewhere in this movie is a buried Romeo and Juliet love story between two teenagers separated not by feuding families but a burned, child molesting murderer in a Christmas sweater. 

-They really did try to make Freddy vs Jason unique by adding a little mystery to it, with the whole B story of Lori’s dad possibly murdering her mother. It may not have worked for some, but it worked for me. The first time I saw it, I wondered if maybe a twist was going to be that he was being possessed by Freddy. I bought into the mystery even more because it helped that Lori’s father looked quite a bit like Freddy. 

-As a teen movie lover, I can’t help but be giddy at the bitchy popular girl getting told off by the geek she tortures, and then immediately falling for him afterward. 

-The entire basis for this movie hinges on a concept that is all too infrequent in the horror industry: people actually taking real steps to fight back. Smart steps. Extreme ones, but smart ones. Trying to keep Freddy’s name from being mentioned, quarantining the teenagers who’d come into contact with Freddy so as not to spread the terror he created. Since when did people in horror movies actually…do things? 

-Chris Marquette. I love him in everything. I want to see him in more horror. 

-Hypnocil. Need I say more? 

-And finally, the climax. Most will say that the movie ends in a tie. I say, it’s up for debate. But come on, that final shot? Nothing short of epic. 

Freddy vs. Jason is one of my absolute favorite slasher movies. I watch it at least twice a year, once in October. It’s one of those movies I never get tired of. Don’t judge me.

What is YOUR favorite "versus" horror movie?
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