The Horror Honeys: Blu-ray and DVD Releases for July 7, 2015!

Blu-ray and DVD Releases for July 7, 2015!

Last week was such a dumpster fire in terms of home horror releases, we didn't even bother telling you about them. But this week? SO MUCH BETTER! Exciting new releases, upgraded classics, cult remasters... you can't go wrong with a buy or two this week.

So get those credit cards out! It's buying time!

Blu-ray & DVD Releases for 7/7/15
Maggie (Read Zombie Honey Bella's review here!)
Robot Jox (1989)
The Cell (Read Head Honey Kat's review here!)
Contamination ~ 2-disc Arrow Blu-ray Release
The Crimson Cult (1968)
Alien Outpost (Read Sci-Fi Honey Jen's rage review here!)
Deranged (1974)
Virtuosity (1995)
Dark Summer (2015)
Wild Thing (1987)
Trophy Heads (2014)