The Horror Honeys: A Horror Soap Opera? Yes, Please!

A Horror Soap Opera? Yes, Please!

A "Slasher Honey Approved" Review by Chassity

The Young and The Undead (2015)

There are two things I love in this world when it comes to entertainment: horror movies and soap operas. If you follow me on Twitter, you are well aware of this. So, naturally, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, that could get me more excited than something that combines these two loves in a super hilarious video worthy of the title “horror comedy."

Enter The Young and The Undead. 

A soap opera horror comedy that plays on tropes, The Young and the Undead might be the most intriguing thing I’ve seen this year. Victor and Vicki are a couple who seem to be in love, and with some good news received from Victor, everything is going their way. That is, until Vicki announces that she’s leaving Victor for someone else. Sounds like a scene from any day of the week on one of the four remaining soaps… except her husband has been dead-but-not-really for years. And not the “presumed dead but not really dead in case the actor doesn’t make it in the movie business and is willing to come back to resume the role” kind of dead-but-not-really. We’re talking zombie dead. 

The Young and the Undead is the kind of project that gives me hope for the future of horror. It’s super unique, adorable, and does something clever in tying together two very different worlds, without being snarky or belittling about either genre. You can tell that this project is a love letter to both genres.

It's easy to tell that the creators really "get" both genres and love The Young and The Restless. I love that the main male character is named Victor (as is the male lead of Y&R, Victor Newman), and that Vicki is dressed in the fabulous, yet over the top glamorous style of soap matriarchs mixed with a little soap vixen. I also love the twist on zombies in this. Robert (the zombie husband) is not imposing, and has his victim hand delivered to him by his alive wife, who then turns around and makes a victim out of him by being in control of what happens to him. It’s refreshing, and it made me giggle. 

I even love that you can’t tell who the real villain is; Robert or Vicki, and I love the comedy of parodying the clich├ęd, classic awkward pause of daytime dramas. 

I am not one who’s usually a fan of zombies or zombie related things. But I am completely loving this. Robert is the kind of zombie I can appreciate. I’d watch more of him. 

I want more of this in my eyeballs. I would love to see more of this, and stuff like it. I’ll go so far as to say that this short video is more entertaining that anything going on at the actual Young and The Restless right now (which is saying a lot from your Slasher Honey, considering there’s an actual slasher story going on at that show right now), and it’s even more enjoyable than any other zombie project I’ve seen, even the ones that I liked.

In a time when so much of the horror world is the same old repetitive crap being forced on us, it would be great if more genre crossovers like this were getting made. And I don’t just mean horror subgenre crossovers. I mean horror projects that incorporate other genres that you wouldn’t normally think to combine with horror, the way this one does.

Check out the first episode of The Young and the Undead here and tell me what you think on Twitter!