The Horror Honeys: Zombie Buzz: The Frankenstein Wars: IN MAH FACE

Zombie Buzz: The Frankenstein Wars: IN MAH FACE

Zombie Honey Buzz by Bella

Today I read an article that astounded and disgusted me. People aren’t reading. They aren’t even reading e-books. I have a love affair with paper. And, while I’m guilty of not completing books in a timely fashion, I at least start 12 of them per year. Most of them are printed, bound, paper books. Some of them have been e-books. And, now, I’m excited about gamebooks. I’ve played a handful of gamebooks in my time - never really considering them to be full fledged games, or full fledged books. But, as I spend more of time writing, and less of my time reading, I find that reading anything is a good thing - and gamebooks TOTALLY count.

One gamebook I’m really excited about is now a Kickstarter campaign: The Frankenstein Wars. Set in the 19th century this gamebook is about Doctor Frankenstein’s evil plan to build an army of zombies to take down the British Empire. Playing as brothers you work together - or against each other - to fight off the undead. Complete with interactive maps and consideration of the landscape, weather, and amount of time spent on a strategy - you are in charge of propelling the story forward, or halting it all together.

Plus, did I mention Frankenstein AND Zombies?

What do you think of this undead Kickstarter?