The Horror Honeys: 'The Whispers' Could Be a Dark Horse Summer Hit

'The Whispers' Could Be a Dark Horse Summer Hit

A Revenge Honey Pilot Review by Linnie

The Whispers (2015-)

With my ambivalence over the premiere of Aquarius, and Hannibal the only summer show I'm genuinely looking forward to, I watched ABC's The Whispers with a mild amount of trepidation. ABC has been plugging the show consistently, but all we really knew going into the premiere was that a few small children appeared to be under the control of some very mean-spirited imaginary friends. However, because The Whispers stars Lily Rabe (aka the ONLY reason I stuck with AHS: Coven as long as I did), I decided to give it a shot.

I am more than happy to report that on Mondays before you bathe in the gloriousness of Hannibal, you should definitely give The Whispers a shot. It has potential to be some fantastic horror television.

The Story: We open on a sweet little girl and her lovely mother enjoying a beautiful summer day in suburbia. Except, things aren't quite so beautiful as they seem. The little girl is playing a game with her imaginary friend, Drill, and Drill's idea of a game is to saw a hole in the floor of the treehouse so mommy goes bye-bye. Child psychologist Claire Bennigan (Rabe) is brought in to assess whether or not the little girl is a psychopath, but she immediately suspects something more nefarious is going on, as this isn't the first "accident" Drill has been involved in. Also, there is a mysterious stranger (Milo Ventimilgia), another little girl who is WAY too precocious/good at drawing the White House, a crashed fighter jet in the desert that contained Claire's now-missing husband, and Claire's previously-deaf son, who suddenly regains his hearing... thanks to Drill.

And this is only the pilot.

Suffice to say, there is a LOT going on in The Whispers; far more than I actually expected there would be. But it never felt over-stuffed. I expected that the show would be all creepy kids and rehashed story-lines, but it was never the children that were creepy. Right away, you could practically feel the unsettling influence of Drill on impressionable children who are still at the "people pleasing" age. I appreciated that The Whispers seemed to be actively avoiding "child horror" tropes by keeping the attention on whatever the fuck it is that Drill is up to.

I also loved that the pilot episode told us basically nothing. While I got a distinct science-fiction vibe from many of the pilot's story lines (likely due to the involvement of Steven Spielberg... and yes, this is what gave me pause about watching The Whispers initially), there is still the potential that Drill, the downed aircraft, the glowing object in the cave... they could be anything. For these reasons, I will definitely be returning to The Whispers next week.

And probably, the week after.

Revenge Honey Pilot Rating: 4 ruined childhoods out of 5

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