The Horror Honeys: Supernatural Sunday Jam - 'Setting Sun'

Supernatural Sunday Jam - 'Setting Sun'

You're the devil in me I brought in from the cold 
You said your body was young but your mind was very old 
You're coming on strong and I like the way 
The visions we had have faded away 
You're part of a life I've never had 
I'll tell you now it's just too bad

There was a time when I listened to The Chemical Brothers a LOT. Then you pair The Chemical Brothers with Noel Gallagher? Score. Then have them sing a song about demonic possession? Double score. Add in an amazing and creepy ass video that seems like it was directed by David Lynch using a primary color palette? Annnnnnd done. Setting Sun is incredible and the perfect way to end a Supernatural Sunday, but start your Horror Honeys week! ~RH