The Horror Honeys: SciFriday Jam ~ Oblivion

SciFriday Jam ~ Oblivion

M83 Featuring Susanne Sundfør

Since I was young, I knew I’d find you
But our love was a song sung by a dying swan
And in the night, you hear me calling,
You hear me calling
And in your dreams you see me falling, falling

And when the nights are long

All those stars recall your goodbye, your goodbye

In 2013 and 2014, Tom Cruise ruled the Sci-Fi box office. While Oblivion wasn't the runaway action hit that Edge of Tomorrow was, it was far and away the more beautiful film. Visually stunning, Oblivion depicted a dystopia full of aliens, last hopes for mankind, and the eternal struggle between compliance and learning the truth behind it all. Are you part of an effective team? Then experience the sweeping frailty and sadness of this soundtrack piece by M83 as you ponder the fragility of the human condition and the strength of the human spirit to survive... But look out for Xenu. ~HH