The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Deadtime Stories'

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Deadtime Stories'

Talk about one of the great all-time bummers. As I'm sure we've all come to expect since the early 00s, MTV cares more about producing cheap crap than actual quality. One example of a fabulous property that got scrapped in favor of repeat seasons of Jersey Shore is Deadtime Stories, an animated pilot from Michael Dougherty.

That's right. We almost got an animated television show about a creepy little girl named Ebola who sees monsters, made by the man who gave us Trick r' Treat. Join me for this week's Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon, and mourn with me what could have been...

If Daria was the animated girl we looked up to as misanthropic teenage Honeys, Dougherty's Ebola had the potential to be the one that reminded us of our wee Honey selves. Sure, we may not have been declared legally insane, or talk to mirror versions of ourselves that talked back, but Ebola is the clear manifestation of quirky outcast most of us were (or the quirky outcast we would eventually become).

Plus, while it may still be too soon to find this funny... her name is Ebola. In 2007, we all would have thoroughly enjoyed that. Aww hell. Still do.

So enjoy your Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon, and try not to short out your computer with the tears you'll shed over never getting a full Deadtime Stories series. And don't forget...
                Have a creepy SaturdaySpooky Kids!