The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'The Cat Came Back'

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'The Cat Came Back'

The man around the corner said he'd shoot the cat on sight.
He loaded up his shotgun full of nails and dynamite.
He waited and he waited 'til the cat came walking round
And ninety-seven pieces of the man was all they found...
But the cat came back the very next day.
Yes, the cat came back. They thought he was goner
But the cat came back. He just wouldn't stay away.

When your Revenge Honey was but a wee little Honeybee, I was just as plagued with insomnia then as I am today. Luckily, I had a TV in my room and access to all the cable channels I could want, though most nights it was a toss-up between Cartoon Network, Nick at Night, or Comedy Central (it was very different back then). On Fridays after 1am, Comedy Central would do a British Block that I loved, but Fridays at midnight? Those were dedicated to Canadian cartoons on the Cartoon Network. And one of those cartoons that always stuck with me was Cordell Barker's 1988 short, The Cat Came Back.

Is it why I love Canadians so much now? I like to think so.

Based on an old children's song (though the song goes admittedly much darker, as evidenced by the lyrics above), The Cat Came Back was nominated for an Oscar, and won 15 awards, including a Genie Award for Best Animated Short. In the cartoon version, Old Mr. Johnson finds a small yellow cat on his doorstep, but shortly thereafter discovers that the cat is not what he seems. A constant battle between Johnson and the destructive cat ensues, with that whole nine lives things being a huge pain in his ass. And while the song inside the film may not be as dark as the original, the ending of The Cat Came Back cartoon sure as hell is.

So between Black Christmas, Visiting Hours, My Bloody Valentine, and this week's Horror Cartoon, The Cat Came Back, it is clear that your Revenge Honey was destined to be a lover of all things North of the Border! ~RH

And all things awkwardly hilarious.