The Horror Honeys: Saturday Gamer Jam ~ 'Crazy He Calls Me'

Saturday Gamer Jam ~ 'Crazy He Calls Me'

I say I'll move the mountains
And I'll move the mountains
If he wants them out of the way
Crazy he calls me
Sure, I'm crazy
Crazy in love, I say
I say I'll go through fire
And I'll go through fire
As he wants it, so it will be

With the announcement of Fallout 4 this week, we thought this would be a fun time to revisit a classic song from Galaxy Radio in Fallout 3. One of my favorite parts of playing Fallout 3 has always been listening to Three Dog on Galaxy News Radio, as he spins the hits of yesteryear. Sure, after a while, it's the same songs over and over again, but something about the combination of cheerful tunes and the mournful longing of the love songs make them impossible to tire of. We've featured "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" and "Butcher Pete" as Honey Jams before, but this Billie Holiday classic is easily one of the best. Frankly, one of the reasons I'm most excited for 4 is to see what music they'll choose next. So settle in for a spin with Three Dog.

And remember... don't feed the yao guai. ~RH