The Horror Honeys: Penny Dreadful: Season 2, Episode 9 ~ And Hell Itself My Only Foe

Penny Dreadful: Season 2, Episode 9 ~ And Hell Itself My Only Foe

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

After a bit of a slow stretch, Penny Dreadfuls penultimate episode was full of action and did a wonderful job of connecting last weeks stage setting and next weeks finale. Sometimes the next to last episode of a season can be a real drag, but not this one. Starting straight away with some good old fashioned home invasion, Vanessa reminded us of just how lethal she is. Consider me the first student to enroll in the Ms. Ives School of Knife Fighting.

As Sir Malcolm suffers his inner demons, the crew back home assembles in an effort to rescue him from Madame Kalis castle. Mr. Lyle finally reveals himself to be a traitor, but thats really not the biggest concern right now. No, tonight is a full moon and a certain little lady has gone off on her own to rescue Sir Malcolm.

Finally! We get the backstory of Sembene. A former slave trader, he stoically lives with his sin and has found kindness among the unkind.These two have been developing a really great bond this season and its comforting to know Ethan trusts someone outside of a woman. Thankfully, hes not sure if he can trust Hecate and her grand gesture of wanting to serve him. Hecate has either just signed her death certificate or she has planted the seed for what could be a truly interesting plot twist. Imagine the drama of Ethan turning against the very people who took him in!
What shall their bromance name be?
The friendship that has been building between Sembene and Mr. Chandler, or Mr. Ethan Lawrence Talbot if you prefer, reaches its breaking point when the two of them are trapped in a stairwell together at the witchs castle when the moon turns Ethan into a beautifully coiffed werewolf. Now, because I prefer to walk on the sunny side of the street in these situations, I hope to see Sembene as a new werewolf companion and not a corpse. Either way, lets unleash the beast and let him take out a couple of those Nightcomers.

Yes, Hunty, YES!
Looks as though Dorian has finally revealed his true purpose on this show; to be Lillys companion. After finally admitting that he knew she was Brona all along, he was more than happy to kneel to Lilly. This moment was utterly delicious for so many different reasons. Of course Dorian Gray is going to find it titillating to be commanded to kneel before a beautiful woman, so while Lilly definitely loved his reaction, I dont think she should expect the same from future suitors. Pretty sure only Dorian is going to also find it seductive to have part of his ear bitten off by her. When he emerges from his chamber, regenerated back to handsome perfection, the sexual chemistry and promise of the havoc these two shall wreak together is palpable and was totally worth the wait. 

By using the old standard of divide and conquer, our heroes have been separated and put into their own personal hells. By hurting Sembene, Ethan has done the very thing that he fears most, poor Mr. Lyle is left to confront a Nightcomer alone, Dr. Frankenstein must also face his scorned children and Vanessa has come face to face with her own fetish and it just opened its eyes and spoke! 

Admittedly, this season has had its fair share of slow moments and things were beginning to look bleak, but everything is looking rose colored for a truly exciting finale. Color this TVBaby overly excited to see what happens next week. I foresee a lot of death, but I also expect our group to overcome evil. What do you think shall happen in the demimonde? Will we lose a major character? Will they leave us with a gut wrenching cliffhanger? Whats it going to be fellow Dreadfuls?


  • Finally getting to see under that face prosthetic was awesome. The teeth! The teeth!
  • Inspector Rusk, you are formally invited to become more interesting and less annoying.
    Them teeth though... 
  • John Clares fate goes on the same list as Jon Snows. Really? You didnt see this coming?
  • Dr. Frankenstein comparing his addiction to cocaine to Vanessas addiction to God was an exceptionally thought provoking and touching scene.
  • Hey! Mr. Lyle just took my weapon of choice. Cat fight!
  • Love, love, loved seeing Proteus again!