The Horror Honeys: Penny Dreadful: Season 2, Episode 8 ~ Memento Mori

Penny Dreadful: Season 2, Episode 8 ~ Memento Mori

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

So, what does one do after strangling someone while having sex with them? Lay down with the body and talk to them about what a silly boy they are. At least, thats what Lilly does and by the end of the episode, she will fully embrace her monster status. Until then, we get to watch John Clare throw a tantrum over Lilly like a fatkid throws a tantrum over a Twinkie. In this moment, we are also subtly reminded that Dr. Frankenstein began developing an addiction to cocaine way back when and it looks as though it has finally caught up with him.

Since last week was all about Vanessa and Ethan, they are nowhere to be seen right now and, instead, we must spend more time with all of the characters that havent really had much to do this season. The Pinkerton agent is still like a dog with a bone and this particular storyline is exceptionally boring because its highly doubtful that anything will really come of it. In almost two entire seasons, we have only seen Ethan fully change once. Mr. Chandler seems to be a character with a lot of backstory that is being saved for the recently announced third season. 

You're addicted to what?
Sir Malcolm really hasnt had anything to do this season unless Madame Kali has given him something to do and this has also been frustrating. Sir Malcolm was a very strong and strong willed man last season, but this season hes, literally, a womans plaything. That is, until Sembene finally reaches his breaking point and forces Sir Malcolm to know who he is and we are rewarded with one of the most striking scenes this season. Watching Sir Malcolm dance with the ghosts of his wife and children was so visually scrumptious. The red walls enveloping a room full of people in black and white clothing and makeup as a full color Sir Malcolm walks among them, thus releasing himself from Madame Kalis enchantment, was as gorgeous as the blood rain that Vanessa experienced in the very same ballroom. 

On the off chance that you didnt get the memo in every other episode, Hecate is power hungry and she will stop at nothing to get rid of her mother and become the alpha female of the devils gang. Clearly, this showdown will somehow work in the favor of Vanessa and Sir Malcolm because Madame Kali is simply not giving Hecate the respect she craves and deserves. One or both of these girls is going down and I think they might be taking each other out. 

As usual, the female characters on this show are powerful, flawed and undeniably charismatic. It took a little longer than I would have liked, but Lilly has fully become one with Brona and this former prostitute, who is now a blood thirsty monster, shall have her revenge. She will no longer kneel before any man. No, men will now kneel before her as as she exacts biblical-like persecution on them. You get it, girl!
... and the Alpha Females will rise. 

And now for the giant elephant in the room: or rather, the tiny Gollum-like creature crouching in Dorians portrait. They have teased the reveal of Dorian Grays portrait since the first season finale and perhaps they should have kept teasing. Yes, yes, I understand that the actual visual of the true Dorian Gray is something that can never be fully realized on the screen because it will never be as hideous as we have imagined in our minds. My biggest gripe with this reveal was the lack of emotion in it. The Portrait of Dorian Gray is a melancholy book and Angelique seeing the true Dorian Gray was, well, anticlimactic. Im sure that some of my disappointment is my fault, but this was one of the most uninteresting reveals in television history and to make matters worse, Angelique went out in the most dramatic rose ceremony ever.At least, thats what it felt like. Dorian poisoned her champagne and she went down in a most drastic fashion creating a perfect pool of blood red velvet with her robe. Whatev. I love Reeve Carney, but lets just kill Dorian and get it over with.

The portrait of Boring FX

Only two episodes left and we are clearly set up for a few battles. Will Vanessa defeat Madame Kali or will her fear of dolls win when she sees her own fetish? Will Lilly and John really manage to kill their maker? Will Hecate kill Madame Kali or will it go the other way? Will that poor Pinkerton agent ever catch up with Ethan and what about Ethans one surviving victim? Perhaps the two will join forces and become a werewolf hunting team. Will Sembene get more than one line per episode? Will Dorian have more sex with impossibly beautiful people? I guess we will have to wait here in the demimonde to see what Lucifer has decided for our beloved.

  • Smoking is to Penny Dreadful what drinking is to Mad Men. Only people who live inside the television can smoke incessantly and still look like Vanessa Ives and Madame Kali.
  • I wonder how long Sembene has to sit in makeup everyday only to end up uttering a few lines per episode.
  • All you have to do is release yourself from an enchantment? Seems pretty easy and straight-forward.
  • Anyone else hear the ghost of Brona in Lillys speech at the end? I detected a bit of an Irish lilt.
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