The Horror Honeys: Penny Dreadful: Season 2, Episode 5 ~ Above the Vaulted Sky

Penny Dreadful: Season 2, Episode 5 ~ Above the Vaulted Sky

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

Opening up on Evelyns morbid room full of fetishes, Above the Vaulted Sky raised the intensity in more ways than one this week. To see the sheer volume of dolls that Madame Kali has, its a wonder that anyone who crosses her path knows a peaceful nights sleep. Currently, her focus is the wife of Sir Malcolm and If she wants to successfully seduce him, she must remove his solitary, moral reason to not be with her: his wife. Inflicting Mrs. Malcolm with severe head pain and then tormenting her with visions of her two deceased children, Evelyn finally got what she wanted when the poor woman sliced her own throat with a razor. 

Mr. Chandler provided quite the dramatic retelling of Americans doing what they do best:killing off groups of people. It seemed a bit unnecessary for him to use such a tool to explain to a group of highly intelligent people that they were just under siege and they now need to defend their cliff, but the writers do seem to love to take any chance they get to remind us that Ethan is not just a foreigner, but an American and, therefore, comes with a different kind of ruthlessness. 

Our intrepid Pinkerton agent landed his first interrogation with Mr. Chandler only to be met with a series of non answers to his many questions. Unfortunately, this agent isnt the only one on the trail of Ethan. The lone survivor of the Mariners Inn Massacre is also skulking around with his gruesome looking face mask. Is he looking for revenge or does he still intend to deliver Mr. Chandler back to his father?

The special connection between Ethan and Vanessa was lightly touched upon last season, but now the two of them are undeniably connected. Vanessa herself proclaims that they are together for a reason.
It was delightful to see Dr. Frankenstein put Mr. Clare in his place. Despite all of his poetic pronouncements, he was speaking of Lilly as a doll, a plaything, his intended whether she likes it or not. John did give it a really good try with that romantic story he retold of how Lilly had once loved him so much that she proudly and publicly showed it, but her heart belongs to Victor and Victor certainly enjoyed overhearing all of this transpire. 

Vanessa did a fine job of playing nice with Victor and Lilly at lunch. The really big question is if she recognized her. If you recall, Vanessa and Brona had interaction last season. It was also interesting that after declaring white not being her color, Ms. Ives was wearing ivory while Lilly was wearing black. Everything at this lunch was backwards and upside down.

Mr. Lyle is still toiling away at putting the puzzle pieces together and one has to wonder if he was simply messing with Mr. Chandler when he showed him the piece that simply had the words Lupus Deiwritten on it. Once again proving that his Latin is rusty, Mr. Chandler wondered if it said hound of god.Um, I believe the term you are looking for is werewolf.

Dorian Gray proves once again exactly what makes him so very charming by refusing to allow small minded people tear down Angeliques confidence. I care for who you are, not what you wearis one of the most romantic lines uttered on television in a very long time, which rightfully so, led to an evening of some seriously hot and sexy love making. The last ten minutes of this episode were so sultry, my television screen almost burst into flames. Even Vanessa and Ethan had a sexually charged moment all while not touching one another.  The show is to be applauded for its loving portrayal of a transgender person, but Dorian Gray needs something to do besides shag all of the beautiful people in London.  
  • Mazel Tov to Mr. Lyle!
  • How long do you think it takes Ms. Green to memorize those prayer chants?
  • If Dorian doesnt recognize Brona, then well know that changing your hair color truly is the best disguise.
  • Poor Lilly-terrified of the very thing that created her.  
  • Can we take a moment to revel in the beauty that is Johnny Beaucamp?
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