The Horror Honeys: Penny Dreadful: Season 2, Episode 4 ~ Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places

Penny Dreadful: Season 2, Episode 4 ~ Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

After learning Ms. Ives' history with the Cut Wife last week, we are now treated to the full measure of how she is being affected by the Verbis Diablo and just what, exactly, is to be learned from the items that the monk left.

Despite being a turncoat, Mr. Lyle is still a valuable asset to our group as they try to unravel the mysteries of this dead language. In fact, what he has discovered among the artifacts that he and  Mr. Chandler liberated from the museum is so exciting, that it gave him the vapors. All of these items are a puzzle that tell a story. Utilizing a collection of known languages, they form a pattern that tells the story of Lucifers fall from heaven. 

Found them to be evil angels, so he cast them written in Latin on the wings of a butterfly. Questioning how the monk who created these pieces could possibly know so many languages, Vanessa points out that it was actually the demon who created this puzzle. The monk was simply writing down what he was hearing from the demon. Wait a minute Mr. Chandler, lets look at those butterfly wings again. They actually say, Found us to be evil angels, so he cast us out.This is not just a story. This is an autobiography. It is the memoir of the devil. Only on Penny Dreadful would this seem a perfectly acceptable revelation.

Our intrepid Pinkerton agent is dead set on discovering the identity of the person responsible for the Mariners Inn Massacre and he is absolutely not believing anything that the lone survivor is telling him. While investigating the murder scene of the parents who lost their lives to the Nightcomer, he proves that his mind is open to a wide variety of possibilities. Declaring that looking for logic in these murders is silly and they should, instead, be looking at magic only further proves that Mr. Chandler has quite a rabid dog on his trail.

Thankfully, Mr. Chandler is an exceptionally observant man as he proves with Hecate Aphrodite Livingstone. Despite our Nightcomer trying to pass as an American woman traveling abroad, Ethan is the one who has the upper hand in this dance of deceit. Utilizing his charm, he flirts his way into her oversharing and showing her hand. Clearly not a Yankee because her accent is off and obviously unaware of the exact locations of schools, Ethan assumes that she has been sent by her father , stating Maybe the Pinkertons are hiring women now. If so, I applaud them for it because I am all for emancipation.Of course, she is not sent by his father, but it is nice to know that Mr. Chandler supports independent women.

Victor is more terrified by ladies' undergarments than Nightcomers.
The bit with Ms. Ives accompanying Dr. Frankenstein to a dress shop was a wonderful moment of lighthearted humor in an otherwise heavy handed episode. Its nice to be reminded that Vanessa is a smart and funny woman when she is not being tormented by Lucifer and seeing Victor behave like the painfully awkward and bashful man that he is was delightful.

Well, at  least tell me how old you are.
Older than I look.
Then tell me your secret.
Ahh, be careful what you wish for.

If this exchange between Dorian and his new girlfriend wasnt a slap in the face of every viewer who does not know the history of Dorian Gray, then I dont know what is. Its beginning to feel as though the writers arent completely sure what to do with Mr. Gray other than use him as a tool to showcase the activities and progress that was occurring at the time. He is also their main source of exploring sexual boundaries. Funny. I recall the Oscar Wilde novel to contain so much more substance than just sex and games.

The exchange between Lilly and Victor was a really beautiful example of how Penny Dreadful is a show that celebrates women. Complaining that she cant breath in the corset, she points out that women are controlled by men. Women dress to please a mans eye, they keep their houses and raise their children. Victor agrees and suggests that women are to wear corsets because if women were allowed to exert themselves, they would take over the world. As Lilly asks Victor if he would prefer for her to continue wearing the corset, he says that he does not want her to be in pain and we have just witnessed the beginning of a beautiful and inevitably tragic romance.

This is what it looks like when a Handsome Bomb goes off. 
The last five minutes of this episode were a wonderful reminder of what sets this show apart from others. The suspense and tension built slowly and perfectly as the three Nightcomers invaded the house and each character was visibly, uniquely aware that something was amiss. The resulting fight between the bald and branded women and our group was equal parts mesmerizing and terrifying. A battle of epic proportions is being set up and each episode hints at something more and more exciting. I absolutely cannot wait to see all of these women go head to head. 

    If I had this power, I would hide in Eva Green's bedroom too
  • When will Sembene get more story?
  • Theyre really going out of their way to make us fall in love with John Clare. We will feel his heartbreak when he loses Lilly to their creator.
  • Seriously, if eating dessert for breakfast is one of Ms. Ives secrets, I shall begin doing the same.