The Horror Honeys: Penny Dreadful: Season 2, Ep 7 ~ Little Scorpion

Penny Dreadful: Season 2, Ep 7 ~ Little Scorpion

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

Ugh. It wasnt female hysteria, it was Vanessas inability to sense things in a timely manner. Has anyone else noticed that it takes her twice as long as it did previously to sense when there is something strange afoot? Perhaps her fetish doesnt allow her to be extra perceptive anymore? Or perhaps we all just needed an excuse to lock Ms. Ives and Mr. Chandler up in a house together.

Returning to the Cut Wifes house with the Lycan in hopes that she will be safe from the Nightcomers left us with an episode that felt more like a throwaway episode, however, it was nice to see Vanessa relax a little bit. We also learned that she has a fear of dolls. Hey, if a woman who speaks dead languages is afraid of dolls, I definitely dont feel silly about suffering the same phobia. This also promises for quite an interesting moment when, and if, she discovers her own fetish in Madame Kalis dungeon of terrors.

It sure was fun to see Ethan, a full moon and the moors. Ooh! We finally got to see Mr.Chandler go full werewolf and it was beautiful. Dont try to tell me that you didnt get excited at the sight of him attacking the sheep and watching the blood fly. 

A casual viewer of Penny Dreadful would rightfully assume that this is a show focusing on the very slow unfolding of a relationship between two impossibly attractive people. Dancing, sharing stories, learning to shoot, chopping down the tree for her, cooking meals together, Vanessa and Ethan did everything besides share a bubble bath. It took actual fire to finally light that fire under their asses, though, and just when it started getting hot, Vanessa pushes Ethan away! She proclaims that they are dangerous together, but isnt that exactly what makes it so very delicious?

Speaking of hot sex, Mr. Gray shows up for what appears to be his only function: being handsome and sexy. Its very convenient that this wax museum always magically shows up when characters need to have their memory jogged. 

Just when Lilly was becoming tiresome, she turned into a black widow. What a wonderful and sexy surprise!

Overall, this was an episode full of a whole lot of nothing. There are only three episodes left and very little progress has been made outside of everyone doing it.

Sexual frustration.
  • I wonder if The Slaughtered Lamb is within walking distance of the Cut Wifes house.
  • The writers always have Dorian speaking of new adventures, but they arent giving him any. Boring. Perhaps Mr. Carney was saving his energy for playing Jeff Buckley in the upcoming biopic. 
  • Im a huge fan of animals attacking human beings who deserve it. Bravo, Vanessa, bravo.
They look like a J. Crew Catalogue.