The Horror Honeys: Love: A Temporary Insanity

Love: A Temporary Insanity

A Revenge Honey Old Favorite Review by Linnie

Committed (2000)

Not every revenge film has to be a bloody, penis-maiming mess. Some revenge films can actually be sweet, or funny, or straight up strange and lovable. This is the case with Lisa Krueger's Committed, a movie I've adored since I was seventeen and now that it's available on Netflix Streaming, you have the chance to fall in love with its weirdness too!

The Story: Joline (Heather Graham) is... how do you say... in love with love. When she makes a commitment, she doesn't just stick with it; she tattoos that shit on her finger and makes a religious declaration in the middle of a dressing room. So when Joline's idiot husband, Carl (Luke Wilson) leaves her to go to Texas and find himself, she follows in an attempt to prove to him that you simply can't walk away from a commitment like marriage. Joline is going to show him the error of his ways, or get committed trying.

Despite the fact it came out in 2000, Committed is irrefutably, undeniably, adorably 90s. Starring Graham, Wilson, Casey Affleck, a baby Mark Ruffalo, Clea DuVall, and featuring a cameo from Everclear front-man Art Alexakis, this film is so gloriously 90s, I want to wrap myself up and roll around in it. The music, the leather pants, the outsider art and renewed obsession with Johnny Cash... it's all there and it's all wonderful. If you're a nostalgia junky like I am, Committed is worth your time alone for its ability to remind you what a weird decade the 90s were.

90s-est wedding getup EVER. Do you SEE the upper arm bracelet? LOVE!
Committed probably sounds like it should be your standard rom-com fare, but it's actually the furthest thing from it. Joline is potentially the strangest heroine for a romantic film I've ever seen: obsessive, slightly (very) stalky, brutally honest, and more than a little entranced with the occult/supernatural. When talking doesn't convince Carl to come back, she sets up a prayer tent across from his desert modular home and begins performing rituals in order to aid him in his spiritual recovery. Does it sound insane? It absolutely is. But that is part of what makes Joline so likable; the girl is crazy as a bag of cats but she knows what she wants and she will do whatever she has to in order to get it.

That's her brother. They kiss. It's NBD. Don't ask.
Committed is made equally odd and adorable by the crazy cast of characters that surround Joline. Patricia Velasquez (who you probably know better as Anck-Su-Namun from the Mummy movies) plays Carmen, Carl's mistress/Joline's new best friend. Mark Ruffalo in adorable baby form is Carmen's insane ex T-Bo, who only shows up to threaten people randomly, then leave again. Goran Visnjic is Carl's neighbor Neil, a man who makes truly ugly sculptures and lusts for Joline as she stalks Carl from her car. Kim Dickens and Clea DuVall are a couple who wear baby doll heads sewn to their nightgowns and have really awkward breakfast conversations (realistically, they are the least-weird people in the movie). If it isn't obvious, Krueger's film isn't big on logic, but it is supremely fun. And that isn't always the worst thing.

You're looking lovely, Anck-Su-Namun!
Committed is ridiculous and strange and the closest thing to "madcap" that an indie revenge comedy can get, which is probably why even after fifteen years, I still love it. Check out Committed on Netflix... you may just want to marry it too!

Revenge Honey Rating: 4 rattlesnakes out of 5

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