The Horror Honeys: Honey Crypticon Wrap-Up!

Honey Crypticon Wrap-Up!

Throwback to 2013!
In May, the Honeys gather for one of our most treasured annual events - Crypticon Seattle. The official face of the Honeys was created at Crypticon three years ago, and we've grown so much since then. Crypticon 2015 was our biggest year, with five Honeys in attendance! This year, I was thrilled as fuck to be joined by Linnie, Lisa, Suzanne and Katie and even a few Guest Honeys stopped by, which was beyond amazing. This year, we were everywhere... film screenings, speaking on panels, taking over Crypticon's twitter account for the weekend, and Linnie came in 2nd place in the annual writing competition (that's two years in a row we've been in that anthology!)! I've said on many occasions that horror conventions are where I feel most at home, and it's never more obvious to me than when I'm at Crypticon. Over my years of attending as a vendor's helper, a makeup competition contestant, and as media I've come to know a huge variety of wonderful people who I consider good friends - being able to reunite every year is the best thing in the world, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  However, better than all of these things is being able to spend some "in your face" time with the Honeys who are able to make the journey, they truly do make everything worthwhile, and I'm seriously considering that "Honey House" thing.

Head Honey Highlights:
  • Bill Moseley showing me some behind the scenes photos from Devil's Carnival 2
  • The "Is Big Budget Killing Horror" panel with Honey Friend, Don Thacker (dir. Motivational Growth) was a riot and a half - the verdict? Big Studio Horror might be doing more damage than we know... Indie is life!
  • Watching other Honeys kick ass on their panels
  • Cheap wine from 7-11 and the #HiltonPool commentary
  • Horror Sisters... there's nothing better 
Each of the ladies in attendance this year wrote about their own experiences at the Pacific Northwest's Largest Horror Convention! Overarching theme: Is it Crypticon 2016 yet?

Horror TV Honey Lisa's Weekend Roundup!

Dear Crypticon,

I had been anxiously anticipating you for months and you definitely did not disappoint. Arriving in Seattle on a beautiful, sunny day, I was more than excited to be greeted by Miss Kat who then took me to our spacious hotel room where I was reunited with Miss Linnie and FINALLY got to hug Miss Suzanne. At this point, jumping and squealing noises occurred. Mainly from me. Having a true girls' night was the bee's knees and I was really excited to get up Friday morning and run. Being at sea level allowed me to feel like an Olympic athlete, so this was a nice bonus. 

As the four of us ladies made our way to our table, Kat and Linnie were met with many joyful greetings and I just knew this was going to be a fun and productive weekend. After setting up our super rad table full of cool swag and sassy samples, we were ready to take on Crypticon. We just needed our fifth sister, Miss Katie to show up and she was coming Saturday morning!

For me, getting molested by both of the Soska sisters at the same time might have been the high point, but there were also so many other wonderful moments. Casually passing Sid Haig in the hallway and saying, "good morning," or Suzanne and I having a truly lovely chat with Caroline Williams of TCM2 while waiting in line at Starbucks are extra awesome memories as well. (Hot tip: wearing your kimono in the hotel lobby is very chic and not at all ghetto.)

The thing that I was most nervous/excited about was participating in my very first panel. Thankfully, it was all about Horror TV and having the support of Katie, Bonnie and Jerry really helped me get through it. We had nice conversations on this panel. Perhaps a bit too much talk about the Supergirl trailer, but overall, a successful hour.  After watching Linnie kill it on the Women in Horror panel, I got to participate in my second panel. Despite being titled "Good Remakes and Sequels," it seems only a few of us felt love for this category. There was a lot of impassioned disagreement from the audience and things got a wee bit out of hand. Oh well. I said my peace about believing the Maniac remake to be better than the original, Hostel 2 to be the best sequel, Night of the Demons to be the worst remake and Evil Dead 2013 is a reboot. It's a reboot, god damnit! If Bruce Campbell calls it a reboot and the fourth film in the franchise, then IT'S NOT A REMAKE. 

Can we go to there?
Outside of my shrill and very non-classy meltdown over Evil Dead, I met so, so many wonderful horror fans and Horror Honey fans! Every single person I met at Crypticon was absolutely delightful. Finally getting to put real faces to Twitter handles was awesome. @skinslip, @seattlescreams, @jerrykuch, @christalsummer and @BonBonfaboo are the best ever and special shout out to Kim (seattlescreams) for sending me to Pie Bar. I have absolutely no guilt over eating pie two days in a row. Huge, huge thanks to Jerry (jerrykuch) for treating Katie, Suzanne and myself to a lovely breakfast on Sunday morning. It really was great to get to sit down and chat with you and, bonus, you introduced us to The BoneBat Show and what a super awesome family they are! 

Yes, there were many cool cosplays to see, celebrities to fawn over, tons of cool merchandise that you didn't even know you needed, but the best part of Crypticon was meeting the truly wonderful people who consistently support what the Horror Honeys do. Being a horror fan can be a lonely place at times and being able to spend four days surrounded by my horror sisters and new horror family members was a wonderful opportunity and a great time. Now that I got my feet wet, I'm ready to take Crypticon 2016 on full force.

Twisted Twins Realness!!

Sci-Fi Honey Katie's Wild Ride at Crypticon!

Katie with the luminous Sherilynn Fenn!
Crypticon 2015 was the second year in a row this Sci-Fi Honey has attended the premier horror fest in the great Northwest, and the experience just keeps getting better. Last year’s event was only a one-day excursion for me, while this year I had both Saturday and Sunday to partake in more of the panels, meet-and-greets, and festivities the convention has to offer.

For this Twin Peaks fangirl, a very exciting aspect of the weekend was having the opportunity to meet stars Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer) and Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne). Both ladies were an absolute pleasure to converse with, looked beautiful as ever, and were as sweet as Double-R Diner cherry pie. During the packed Twin Peaks panel, the actresses discussed the upcoming revival season of the show and even wowed the audience with news that hadn’t yet been released to the general public, including the season’s length, filming location, and some of the returning talent involved. If Lee and Fenn’s enthusiasm was anything to go by, we’re in for an amazing new season.

Katie and the glorious Sheryl Lee!
Head Honey Kat (right) on the Big Budget Horror panel!
In addition to the Twin Peaks panel, the Crypticon schedule was jam-packed with a variety of other panels exploring a wide range of topics in the horror genre, from industry-focused discussions (indie horror, remakes and sequels, screenwriting 101), to sub-genre exploration (extreme underground, Nazisploitation), to theory and criticism (queer horror, sex and horror, best of 2014). Some of our own Honeys even served as moderators or panelists for the discussions, including women in horror (Kat), revenge horror (Linnie), and horror TV (Lisa). Each panel oscillated between earnest analysis of more serious subjects and moments of levity, but they were always thought-provoking and informative. While live tweeting as many panels as I could attend, I received lots of feedback from the Twitter horror community about where they stand in any given debate, and even relayed some of the online discussion to the panelists. It was a multi-dimensional conversational experience that enlightened me about many different themes within the genre, and gave me lots of viewing recommendations that I need to seek out immediately.

Talking about sex with Revenge Honey Linnie (second from right)
By far the best part of the whole weekend was getting to know the panelists and fans who had come from near and far to show their love for the genre, and spending time with my Honey sisters. I even had the opportunity to meet some of the Twitter family I’d been conversing with for years, who were just as friendly, bright, and hilarious in the flesh as they are online. When the weekend was finally over, I got back on the plane home with my eyes full of tears and my heart full of horror love. Can’t wait until next year!

The Revenge Honey Linnie's Crypti-experience!

I cried after they left. I'm not even ashamed.
Well, here we are, just a handful of days after end of Crypticon and while a few dollars lighter/a few mystery bruises heavier, I survived! Seattle's Crypticon convention has easily become one of those events that I look forward to every year the way some people anticipate their birthdays, or a favorite holiday. Crypticon means the opportunity to spend three days surrounded by nothing but horror fans, talking about the films we love, and meeting some of the kindest and most genuine people in the industry. This year was no exception!

Crypticon 2015 was a collection of unforgettable moments for me this year: The wonderfully sweet Bill Moseley bought one of my Sadistic Samplers. I won second place in the annual short story contest sponsored by Blyster Press for my short, West Haven. I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear Sherilynn Fenn and Sheryl Lee speak about the new season of Twin Peaks, and give audience members the fabulous news we are getting 18 episodes instead of the intended nine. But best of all, I got to spend four days with my Honey sisters, meeting some of our lovely Twitter friends for the first time. You really can't ask for more than that when it comes to a convention.

My favorite cosplayer, a detail-perfect The Cell costume: beautiful work...
'C is for Chainsaw' by Jerry Pesce, now in my home!
Personally, I also had a fabulous time appearing on SIX panels this year. Despite the absolutely hectic schedule, it was such an honor to have the opportunity to speak to other horror fans about revenge movies, sex and gender in horror, and the opportunities and advancements of women in horror. Also having the ability to meet women currently working in the industry only added to experience, as women like Fenn, Lee, Denise Crosby, and more prove that it is possible to make a name for yourself in the boy's club that is often the horror community.

I was also able to add to my collection of fabulous horror art pieces from Jerry Pesce, Nick Gucker, and Martha Hull, three of my absolute favorite artists. Add to that a signature from Sid Haig on a piece of Spider Baby art, and every dollar laid out at Crypticon this year was a dollar well spent.

As films and books often trade hands at Crypticon like 90s zines, I was gifted with several movies that I can't wait to watch from Ian Bracken and 7th Street Productions, both of which are queued up for this weekend. On the plane ride home, I devoured Charlie Jack Joseph Kruger's A Junkyard God with Broken Legs, one of the most beautiful and poetic books I've read in a long time. I can't wait to read more of his work very soon.

Over all, I had such an amazing this time year at Crypticon, I could have stayed for a week with my Honey sisters, teaching/learning about horror and chatting with other horror lovers from all over the world. Crypticon 2016 can't get here soon enough!

Supernatural Honey Suzanne is FULL of Feels

For me, the best part of any convention is seeing old friends and making new ones. Some of the longest friendships I have are with people I’ve met at cons. Crypticon was very special because I finally got to meet and spend time with other Honeys. Even though I feel I’ve known these ladies forever and we speak regularly, we’ve never met face to face. Talk about high anxiety. 
Sitting at the Horror Honeys’ table, I had the privilege of meeting several people who are fans of the site and who interact with us regularly on social media. It was also nice to get the word out there about who we are and what we do. The downside was the Dr. Who table across the isle. Between the annoying talking Dalek and the theme to Frozen being played on a loop, there wasn’t enough Xanax in the world.

Crazy Cat Lady achievement unlocked!
I generally come home with a myriad of t-shirts and movies from conventions, but this con was all about the artwork and I bought plenty. I got three prints from super creative artist, Jerry Pesce. His Muppets turned horror icons were my favorite purchases of the weekend. I also bought a couple of pieces from the delightfully crazy, Martha Hull, whose book, Death’s Daughter and the Basket of Kittens, is sure to delight crazy cat ladies, young and old. Both artists are super affordable.

Check out Jerry’s work here:

Martha’s work can be purchased here:

My celebrity encounters were all positive. After a workout in the hotel gym, Lisa and I had the sweaty pleasure of getting coffee with none other than Texas Chain Saw alum, Caroline Williams, who looked stunning sans makeup and wearing her pajamas. She was charming and chatty. I happened to be with Lisa again when she was getting a photo with the Soska twins. Jen and Sylvia are so personable and fan friendly, it takes a while to get through their line because they speak to and love on everyone. Some other convention celebrities should take a page from their book. Finally, I wandered over to the table of Denise Crosby. She is one of my favorite Stephen King movie moms. After I gushed about how much I love Pet Sematary and naming my cat Gage, we chatted and shared photos of our animals. Even her handler got in on it. When the people you admire are appreciative of your fangirling, it takes the sting out of paying $40 for an autograph. 

Still, my favorite part of the weekend was being with the girls. I don’t have sisters and I’ve never really had a lot of close girlfriends. I’m a special kind of crazy that doesn’t necessarily translate well in person, but Kat, Linnie, Lisa, and Katie all have their own brand and we meshed well, as a group and in pairs. I could go on and on about the time spent together, the nonsense, the inside jokes, the hair and makeup… It turns out five adult women can share a room together without incident, especially when the wine from 7-Eleven flows free and there are people even freakier than you to talk about. I love them with my whole heart. *feels*

Suzanne and Lisa <3