The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ The trailer for MACBETH is AMAZING

Honey Buzz ~ The trailer for MACBETH is AMAZING

Now, I know a large portion of horror fans don't like to think when they watch a horror movie. But that's ok, there are enough of us "elitist jerks" who are exactly the audience that Macbeth is aiming for. I LOATHE the new buzz term "highly anticipated" but in this case, I've been waiting for a GOOD film adaptation of Macbeth since I was in highschool. Hamlet has literally been done to death (and done VERY well in some cases) and it was time for Macbeth... IT WAS TIME. Honestly, I didn't even need Fassbender and his giant... crown... to sell me on this adaptation either.

What's in the trailer: Most of the story... and while I would normally be bitching and complaining about that little detail, here, it's kind of expected. The thing about Shakespeare films is that the people who are the most excited to see it, already know the story. We also get to be excited about messed up things like Michael Fassbender speaking in iambic pentameter and crying... OK, maybe that's just me. But then again, I've had a really REALLY intense obsession with Macbeth since I was in highschool, I even wrote a really intense essay in university about witchcraft, Macbeth and Metallica's "King Nothing." It's been a good relationship.

I can't say enough about this trailer, it doesn't matter HOW many times I've watched it, I get chills... There's just enough dialogue to reel in the Shakespeare obsessives (check) but not freak out "regular" movie goers who tend to balk at that funny rhymey stuff. It's moody, dark, very Scottish (hooray!), and grimy - Shakespeare's plays that hinge on battles tend to suffer from Henry V issues, and needed a director like Kenneth Branagh to drag them out of oblivion. Marion Cotillard is luminous as always, and I'm so so interested to see what she brings to Lady Macbeth, a role that has been wanting for ethereal grace for quite some time.

Things I'm looking forward to: The witches... always. Marion Cotillard's interpretation of Lady Macbeth's madness, and the battles... give me those bloody, gory, Braveheart-esque violent battles.

Gimmie? Fucking gimmie this film.

Macbeth will be released in the UK on October 2nd, 
but there's no detail yet on a US release. 


Fun side note: Macbeth Director Justin Kurzel is also attached to the Assassin's Creed film adaptation, and after seeing this trailer, I'm really, really, on board... Like woah.