The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ A Night Stalker Film??? YES!

Honey Buzz ~ A Night Stalker Film??? YES!

In a time when Ryan Murphy can have a TV show called American Crime Story and instead of pulling from some of the most fascinating crimes in human history, he chooses one of the most annoying cases possible for the inaugural season. When shit like that happens, I'm hard pressed to see hope of anything fresh wafting its way into the horror playbook when it comes to the examination of America's violent history.

Then something like this happens... and I get all excited again and forget that Ryan Murphy annoys me.

Variety reported this week that one of my darkhorse favorites, Lou Diamond Phillips, has signed on to star in thriller The Night Stalker, with production slated to begin this summer. Could there BE a more perfect person to embody this role? No. No there couldn't.


According to Variety: The film incorporates Ramirez’s history of violence into a fictional narrative centering on a prison interview between the aging killer and a lawyer attempting to elicit a confession from Ramirez that will save another man from death row.

Award winning director Megan Griffiths (The Off Hours, Eden, Lucky Them) is directing from her own script. 
“I grew up in Southern California and spent the summer of 1985 in the shadow of Ramirez, and it has been a fascinating process to delve into the history in writing this script,” Griffiths said. “I could not be more excited to see Lou Diamond Phillips bring this intense character to life.”
Could I BE more excited about this?? No. I seriously don't think I could be. It's not really the dramatic re-telling/true crime portrait I was semi-hoping for, but whatever happens, it'll be lightyears better than that Ulli Lommel piece of shit from 2009. And double bonus - female director!  

I'll be watching for more news on this one like a goddamn hawk.

(Source: Variety)