The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Lights Out to be a feature film!

Honey Buzz ~ Lights Out to be a feature film!

A few years ago a short film competition called the "Who's There Film Challenge" yielded a short that pretty much every single person I knew on Facebook sent to me at various points during the year. That short has now surfaced again and is making the rounds because of a major development that I'm actually pretty stoked about. 

Every short film director hopes that their film will one day become a feature length production - I mean really, the schmuck who wrote/made the short film Burying the Ex somehow landed Joe Dante for the feature. Dreams, people. Dreams. 

Deadline reports that David Sandberg’s Lights Out will be produced by New Line and James Wan through his Atomic Monster banner with the short film director taking the helm (thankfully!). The script for the feature is in the hands of Eric Heisserer (Final Destination 5A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010) and Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies) is set to star - production begins in the coming weeks. Of course, none of this is confirmable via imdB, so we'll just have to take Deadline's word for it for now...

The story: Lights Out is about “a young boy and his estranged sister who are confronted by an evil entity that only appears when the lights are out.” So, family drama, lots of darkness (PLEASE no night vision camera/found footage... pleeeease). Also, if you recall the short film, there's a mouth stretch jump scare at the end... so obviously, it's right up James Wan's alley. 

Snark aside - I'm into this. In a big way. News bits like this make me really happy because it's HUGELY positive step forward for indie and original filmmaking. 

The lesson here: Make good shit, get it viral, and be patient. 

(Source: Deadline)