The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Horror Game Show Coming to GSN

Honey Buzz ~ Horror Game Show Coming to GSN

So now, instead of GSN (the Game Show Network) being that channel you watch when you're home sick from work and it's either that or reruns of T.J. Hooker, they're producing a horror game show you can periodically remember to watch at night!

So yeah. That oughta be fun, huh?

Word has been circulating for a while that Blumhouse was producing a game show called Hellevator for GSN, in which contestants ride a "haunted elevator" to different floors full of "fright," and if they don't "survive," they don't get to re-board the elevator. (Pardon the liberal use of quotation marks, but I'm not sure I get the appeal of any gameshow that isn't hosted by Chris Hardwick or Alex Trebek). Now, Hellevator is officially going in to production with horror directors Jen and Sylvia Soska being behind the control board in terms of the vampires or spooky bats or haunted shopping carts and whatnot.

Yeah, I don't think I really follow what is going to happen on Hellevator. But I do know it certainly sounds like it should fit in beautifully between episodes of Match Game '76 and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? hosted by the redneck comic who ISN'T Jeff Foxworthy.

But if you plan to watch when the eight episodes premiere later this year, be sure to let me know what the hell happened! ~ @linnieloowho

(Source: AV Club)