The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz: Cooties Trailer ~ Yup, Kids Are Gross

Honey Buzz: Cooties Trailer ~ Yup, Kids Are Gross

Zombie Buzz by Bella

Cooties finally has a trailer. What is Cooties you might ask? Well, our Head Honey wrote about the Lionsgate pick up film here - the poster reveal and the initial storyline got us more than a little excited. Check that out and get caught up, I’ll wait. 

Done? Okay. Now, we have a NEW poster, and if you haven't seen the trailer yet, get caught up on that after the jump!

The trailer for Cooties more or less affirms that kids are gross. And evil. So pretty much the perfect combination for a horror movie, yeah?  I have to admit, I wanted to dislike the trailer. Even as the Zombie Honey, I had a moment of eye-rolling at the concept behind Cooties. But what we see in the trailer is damn near perfect. 

A cafeteria virus is spreading amongst pre-pubescent students turning them into zombies and leaving the adults to fend for themselves. It’s a terrifying concept if you’re already afraid of kids, or think their gross without rotting flesh and a hunger for brains. 

I gotta say, the trailer made me laugh out loud at least once - which is always a good sell for me. Not to mention a momentary “ewww” reaction - which is always a good sell for a zombie movie. The kids are hysterically mean, rotten, and - in some cases - rotting. The adults are self-aware and humorous. It looks like Cooties might actually do justice to portraying both groups of people relatively accurately - which is refreshing. 

Either way, I’m looking forward to at least one more trailer before I stop paying attention for fear of seeing the entire movie in 3 minute spots. I’ll also be second guessing my choice of chicken nuggets for me and the four year old for the foreseeable future. 

Cooties will hit VOD/"The internet" on September 18th, 
I hope you're hungry...