The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Blumhouse to Release THE GREEN INFERNO

Honey Buzz ~ Blumhouse to Release THE GREEN INFERNO

WARNING - Sarcasm ahead.

When I first started writing about The Green Inferno it feels like it was a long time ago... some dudebros I know were super excited to see "Hostel in the jungle" and I just couldn't be arsed about it.

Somewhere between festival screenings and actual distribution, something happened and the distribution company originally pegged to promote and release Roth's first directorial adventure since 2007 (Hostel II for those keeping track) suddenly backed out - and that left a brand new cannibal feature floating around in the ether of unsecured distribution, having only been seen by a handful of smug festival goers.

However, overseas distribution wasn't a problem, and The Green Inferno has been circling the European continent and South America since early 2014, so it's not like it was lost forever or shelved indefinitely like some other projects, it just wasn't available in the US - which I know, is a travesty (sarcasm... that was sarcasm).

SO awful, almost NO Americans have seen it!
Just when I thought I wouldn't have to answer any more annoying questions about if I knew anything about a release date for this party in Peru, announced this morning via twitter, The Green Inferno has been SAVED.

And you'll also all be thrilled to learn that there were no cuts made to the film, it will be festival screening fresh... which also means that no one has taken the time to go back over their "masterpiece" and finesse anything... but hey, he's a "Master of Terror" after making three feature films (Green Inferno being his 4th), so who am I to judge.

Blumhouse will release The Green Inferno in US theatres and presumably VOD platforms as well on September 25th under their BH: Tilt company arm. So, if you're the kind to get excited about these things, entitlement, indigenous enchantment and a luau themed BBQ are headed your way this fall. OH, and maybe the 8-bit iPhone game based on the movie will see a resurgence in popularity! No? Anyone? Dammit.

Will I be seeing it? No. No I won't. I'll just watch Cannibal Ferox again. 

Like all of you should. 

(Source: Deadline, and every fanboy on twitter)