The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ ALL the teaser photos from "31"

Honey Buzz ~ ALL the teaser photos from "31"

So... Rob Zombie has been crowdfunding his newest film 31 since October last year. I point this out because he's STILL crowdfunding it with meet & greet passes for the European leg of his 2015 summer concert tour. How many Kickstarter campaigns could have met their goals if their funding had lasted for eight months? But hey, you can't fault the man for having a product that people want. And baby, it looks like he's putting your his money where his mouth is for 31.

The poster that made everyone freak out and think that RZ was making a
Captain Spaulding movie. Whomp whomp.
Photos from the set of 31 have been emerging at a fairly steady rate at and I've collected all of them for you, because that's WAY more fun than trying to stay updated one photo at a time, and it's actually gotten me a little bit excited about the film.

When the news first broke about 31, predictably, people lost their collective shit. RZ has a rocky track record in terms of his box office success, but his die hard fans are legion and the roar of approval for what essentially looked like clown based murder porn was deafening. However, with the release of some of the "teaser" photos below, I have a sneaky feeling that RZ has something very different up his rotting sleeves... Murder clowns aside, 31 is looking more like Lords of Salem than Devil's Rejects, RZ might be heading into art house territory again, and if that's the case, sign me the fuck up.

Hoping that this is Psycho-Head and Schizo-Head.
But I'm not sure that the little guy made it through casting.

If you've been in the dark about this project, the synopsis hits the highlights:

Now I know that this is Sex-Head and Death-Head.
Five people are kidnapped on the days leading up to Halloween and held hostage in a place called Murder World. While trapped, they must play a violent game called 31 where the mission is to survive 12 hours against a gang of evil clowns (The "Heads").

From what I can tell, Murder World is run by Father Murder (Malcolm McDowell), Sister Serpent (Jane Cross) is described as "a wicked cross of Satan meets Mother Goose" (I love her already), and Sister Dragon (Judy Geeson) and staffed by "The Heads" who are henchmen of the very worst kind. The "Heads" include Schizo-Head (David Ury), Sex-Head (Elizabeth Daily) described as "the insane partner of Death-Head. These two maniacs are ready to get down and rip your face off," Death-Head (Torsten Voges), Doom-Head (Richard Brake), Psycho-Head (Lew Temple) "the even more insane brother of Schizo-Head. These two together are nothing but bloody mayhem" and Sick-Head (Pancho Moler) and a little bit of extra candy known as Cherry Bomb (Ginger Lynn) who is a "special friend" of Doom-Head. "Special friend" means sex puppet, right? I think I'm right.

Are those corpse scarecrows? I think they are.
I want one.

"Check out ROSCOE aka Jeff Daniel Phillips about to meet his new best friend. 
Roscoe is the ass-kicking carney mechanic of Venus Virgo’s traveling show." - 

Tracey Walter as Lucky Leo.
I need that black cat garland. I neeeed it. 

"Here is your first look at David Ury as Schizo-Head!” - 

"Here’s a behind the scenes photo of actress Judy Geeson, delighting in her role as Sister Dragon." -

There was no caption with this shot... sooo hazarding a guess that this is Sex-Head...
But that guess is purely based on the concept artwork above.
Regardless, she's cute as hell.

I fucking LOVE this shot. Beautiful.
"Here is your first look at DOOM-HEAD he runs a perfect game of death and misery." -

"Here is your first look at Malcolm McDowell from my next film 31. Malcolm plays FATHER NAPOLEON-HORATIO-SILAS MURDER the mastermind behind the most dangerous game alive, 31. "-

See why I'm suspecting this is an arthouse film now? Do you see?

What say you? Is this going to be more arthouse than grindhouse? Will YOU be checking out 31 when it's released?
Guessing: Cherry Bomb and Doom-Head and another "special friend."
Nice touch on that tube of KY... classy.